May 06 2006

Mike Marshall: Brazil Duets

A Special Treat


Brazil DuetsOriginally released in 1996, Brazil Duets added three bonus tracks for this choro extravaganza. On mandolin and guitar, Mike Marshall shares some of Brazil’s best choros by masters ranging from Pixinguinha to Hermeto Pascoal. Playing side by side with him we find these outstanding soloists: Andy Narell (piano), Béla Fleck (banjo), Edgar Meyer (bass), Kaila Flexer (violin), Michael Manring (electric bass), Jovino Santos Neto (piano), Andy Connell (saxophone) and Jackie Rago (cuatro). The three bonus tracks featured here are special treats: two are different arrangements of the original recordings (“Um a Zero” and “Karatê”) and one is a brand new track (“Intrigas no Boteco do Padilha”). Marshall’s command performances of these choros can only be compared to his creativity in coming up with some unusual duets, such as mandolin and bass in “Fla-Flu,” “Golden Eagle Hornpipe” and the bonus “Um a Zero”; mandolin and electric bass in “Gostosinho”; and guitar and violin in “De Coração a Coração.” Of those, my favorite is the rich “Gostosinho.” Michael Manring’s lush electric bass is outstanding. Also very heartfelt is Kaila Flexer’s moving violin solo in “De Coração em Coração.” You will almost lose your breath with Jovino Santos Neto’s introduction for “Naquele Tempo.” Again Jovino pulls the same tricks and awes you with his melodica solo in “Spock na Escada” and the M-1 synthesizer accompaniment for “Paz e Alegria no Lar.” And when he returns to the piano in “Intrigas no Boteco do Padilha,” he leaves Marshall quite at ease to play that choro. The variety of performers and the quality of these renditions are a special treat in Brazil Duets.



Mike Marshall 
Brazil Duets
Adventure Music AM1021 2 (2005)
Total time: 62’32”


  1. Um a Zero (Pixinguinha – Benedito Lacerda) – w/ Andy Narell
  2. Fla-Flu (Zequinha de Abreu) – w/ Edgar Meyer
  3. El Diablo Suelto (Heraclio Hernandez) – w/ Jackie Rago
  4. Luis Americano na P.R.E. 3 (Luis Americano) – w/ Andy Narell
  5. Karatê (Egberto Gismonti) – w/ Andy Connell
  6. Naquele Tempo (Pixinguinha – Benedito Lacerda) – w/ Jovino Santos Neto
  7. Indifference (T. Murena – J. Colombo) – w/ Béla Fleck
  8. Descendo a Serra (Pixinguinha – Benedito Lacerda) – w/ Andy Narell
  9. De Coração a Coração (Jacob do Bandolim) – w/ Kaila Flexer
  10. Um Chorinho em Aldeia (Severino Araújo) – w/ Andy Narell
  11. Golden Eagle Hornpipe (Traditional American) – w/ Edgar Meyer
  12. Spock na Escada (Hermeto Pascoal) – w/ Jovino Santos Neto
  13. Gostosinho (Jacob do Bandolim) – w/ Michael Manring
  14. Paz e Alegria no Lar (Hermeto Pascoal) – w/ Jovino Santos Neto
    Karatê (Egberto Gismonti) – w/ Béla Fleck & Andy Connell
  16. Intrigas no Boteco do Padilha (Luis Americano) – w/ Jovino Santos Neto
  17. Um a Zero (Pixinguinha – Benedito Lacerda) – w/ Edgar Meyer



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