Mar 12 2005

Mario Adnet: Villa-Lobos – Coração Popular

Another Master and Adnet


Villa-Lobos Coração PopularThe respect, care and dedication Mario Adnet shows for Brazilian music is something to be admired. He strives to preserve our national musical treasures in his albums. Villa-Lobos Coração Popular is yet another example of Adnet’s genuine passion for the best in Brazilian music.

It was simply inevitable that after recording an album with Jobim’s music, Adnet would go back to Villa-Lobos. In Adnet’s own words, this is how he re-discovered Villa-Lobos’ music:

“In 1990 I began to listen to [Villa-Lobos] chamber songs, serestas and others that had been classified and interpreted as erudite music. I couldn’t help but wonder how those same songs would sound like in a new, contemporary arrangement.

I guess we can see here how a classic repertoire remains classic even in contemporary disguise. Of course it helps that the album features names such as Guinga, Zé Renato and Claudio Nucci. Produced, arranged and directed by Mario Adnet (who also sings and plays the acoustic guitar), Villa-Lobos Coração Popular also brings back familiar names in Adnet’s circle of friends: Marcos Nimrichter (piano, accordion), Zeca Assumpção (acoustic bass), Marcos Suzano (percussion), Paulo Sérgio Santos (clarinet, clarone), Hugo Pilger (cellos), Rodrigo Campello (acoustic guitar, 7-string guitar) and Muíza Adnet (voice). Villa-Lobos’s classics, such as “Melodia Sentimental,” “Tristorosa” and “Modinha” continue to play their magic spell in beautiful, classy arrangements. Guinga’s special appearances in “Estrela É Lua Nova” and “Realejo” add a certain melancholy to those pieces.Heitor Villa-Lobos

Villa-Lobos Coração Popular is a well-deserved tribute to one of Brazil’s world renowned composers. Adnet’s vision maintains alive Villa-Lobos’ music and gives future generations a reason to treasure our musical legacy.



Mario Adnet
Villa-Lobos Coração Popular 
Indie Records 325912003122 (2000)
Time: 46’52”


All tracks by Heitor Villa-Lobos along with those noted in parentheses.

  1. Estrela É Lua Nova – w/ Guinga
  2. Melodia Sentimental (Dora Vasconcelos)
  3. Abril (Seresta Nº 9) (Ribeiro Couto) – w/ Muíza Adnet
  4. Manhã na Praia (Carlos Sá) – w/ Muíza Adnet
  5. Desejo (Seresta Nº 10) (Guilherme de Almeida) – w/ Zé Renato & Claudio Nucci
  6. Redondilha (Seresta Nº 11) (Dante Milano)
  7. Tristorosa (Cacaso) – w/ Muíza Adnet
  8. Realejo (Seresta Nº 12) (Álvaro Moreyra) – w/ Guinga
  9. Evocação (Sylvio Salema) – w/ Muíza Adnet
  10. Cabôca di Caxangá (Catulo da Paixão Cearense, harmonized by Villa-Lobos) – w/ Zé Renato & Claudio Nucci
  11. Modinha (Manuel Bandeira) – w/ Muíza Adnet
  12. Canção do Amor (Dora Vasconcelos) – w/ Muíza Adnet
  13. Na Paz do Outono (Ronaldo de Carvalho)
  14. Caboclinha