Mar 10 2005

Mario Adnet: Pedra Bonita

An Impressive Album


Pedra Bonita First off some trivia. Pedra Bonita has received four releases to date. The original album was first released in Japan in 1994 (BMG Victor). According to Adnet’s site, that album version lists only 15 tracks. “Ainda Não” does not appear to be included. The same is true for the Albatroz release in Brazil in 1995. The same track, “Ainda Não,” does not appear in the track listing. Then in 1997, Leblon Records re-issued this album with 16 songs listed (see side bar). The latest album incarnation was in 2004 (Biscoito Fino; cover shown below), but only with 13 tracks and in a different order. It seems that all issues had a different cover.

One of the first things that stand out in Adnet’s third release (and second solo album) is the impressive list of guests shown on the CD cover: Antonio Carlos Jobim, Claudio Nucci, Ivan Lins, Joyce, Lisa Ono, Lobão, Maúcha Adnet and Paulo Moura. Probably, not to overcrowd the album cover, other names were left out, such as Cristovão Bastos, Jaques Morelenbaum, Zeca Assumpção, Tutty Moreno, Duduka da Fonseca, Marco Suzano, Beto Cazes… And I am only half way reading the liner notes!

Pedra Bonita was actually the first Adnet album I ever purchased. The album got me hooked instantly from the very first track, “Vocês Querem Ouvir Jazz?” Adnet’s soft acoustic guitar introduction and voice are captivating. And just before the last verse is sung, Joyce’s relaxing vocalise comes on and elevates the song to a higher ground. Bernardo Vilhena’s lyrics are a poem of love and dedication to someone who is always on your side and is a friend who shares the intimacy of saying what one feels. These are the opening verses:

Nada como o teu silêncio
Para me levar tão perto do infinito
Nada como a tua beleza
Pra lembrar tudo que existe,
Tudo que é bonito.
Nothing like your silence
To take me close to infinity
Nothing like your beauty
To remind me of everything there is,
Everything that is beautiful.

Pedra Bonita (2004)The rest of that song talks about the serenity of beaches, the deep intimacy of old friendships, the long road ahead and the high flight of a lonely hawk. These references to nature and human relationships are well expressed in a perfect combination of music and words. For the second track, Lisa Ono’s peaceful voice paints a beautiful landscape about “Angra.” This soft Bossa Nova tune has all the ingredients and more. Besides the desert beach, the small sailboat (“o barquinho”), the song ends with a direct reference to Tom Jobim in the verse “por causa do amor” (because of love). This thread continues throughout the album. The lovely waltz “Desafinada” is sung in a duo by Mario and sister Maúcha. If that song title alone is not enough of a reference to Jobim, then with Caymmi’s “Maracangalha” will dispel any doubt you might have. Jobim himself plays the piano on the track. He liked the arrangement so much that later on included it in his own Grammy Award winner Antonio Brasileiro.

The album’s title track, “Pedra Bonita,” is a nostalgic instrumental piece with Rodrigo Campello’s acoustic guitar taking center stage. When Adnet adds his vocal solo to Campello’s guitar, you are inevitably reminded of the great work of Toninho Horta. In closing the track, Ion Muniz heats things up with a dazzling tenor sax solo. A great piece!

Another gorgeous piece that is truly memorable is Hélio Sigres’ serenata “Armadilha,” an enchanting love song praising the most beautiful star in the sky, the one being with whom one wants to live forever. The singer begs to be “caught” in that love trap. Paulo Sérgio Santos adds to the arrangement with a touching clarinet solo.

Before closing the album, Adnet has a great guitar solo in “Trote da Raposa.” That instrumental number is performed as an introduction to Lamartine Babo’s classic “Canção Pra Inglês Ver.” The beautiful vocal performance by the Adnet family (Mario, Maúcha, Inês, Muísa and Chico) is quite remarkable.



Mario Adnet
Pedra Bonita 
Leblon Records LB 064/97 (1997)
Time: 56’08”


  1. Vocês Querem Ouvir Jazz? (Mario Adnet – Bernardo Vilhena) w/ Joyce
  2. Angra (Mario Adnet – Rodrigo Campello – Carlos Sandroni) w/ Lisa Ono
  3. Desafinada (Mario Adnet – Claudio Nucci) w/ Maúcha Adnet
  4. Maracangalha (Dorival Caymmi) w/ Tom Jobim
  5. Pedra Bonita (Mario Adnet)
  6. Pálida (Mario Adnet) w/ Ivan Lins
  7. Do Dia Pra Noite (Mario Adnet – Bernardo Vilhena)
  8. Cadê Mimi (João de Barro – Alberto Ribeiro)
  9. Geraldofla (Mario Adnet – Bernardo Vilhena) w/ Lobão
  10. Enviesado (Mario Adnet – Alberto Rosenblit)
  11. Armadilha (Hélio Sigres)
  12. Macunaíma Suíte (Mario Adnet)
  13. Ainda Não (Mario Adnet – Helio Sigres)
  14. Quase (Mario Adnet – Carlos Sandroni) w/ Claudio Nucci
  15. Trote da Raposa (Mario Adnet)
  16. Canção Pra Inglês Ver (Lamartine Babo)