Mar 08 2005

Mario Adnet: Alberto Rosenblit & Mario Adnet

In the Beginning…



Alberto Rosenblit & Mario AdnetOn this first album, Mario Adnet shared the honors with Alberto Rosenblit. Together with Mauricio Maestro, these three musicians wrote all arrangements. Also, Adnet and Rosenblit shared production and artistic direction with Voltaire.

A quiet album, Alberto Rosenblit & Mario Adnet is a debut that brings together some surprises. Starting with the guest list, this work features Eveline Hecker, Boca Livre, Zé Renato, Danilo Caymmi, Céu da Boca, Toninho Horta and Leo Gandelman. When not writing with Rosenblit, Adnet also showcases some nice compositions on his own and with partners Joyce, Zé Renato and others.

The first track with Adnet’s name is “Penedo,” a beautiful toada performed by Boca Livre. The music and arrangement give Boca Livre plenty of room to exhibit their knack for gorgeous vocals. Zé Renato (at that time of the recording he was a member of Boca Livre) returns in “Quem Mal Me Quer Bem” — a nice word play for the Portuguese equivalent of “love-me and love-me-not. That song precedes the rhythmic stylized baião “Baiambé,” which will likely remind you of the classic Edu Lobo song “Ponteio.” With “Ela,” the sound of Minas Gerais’ Clube da Esquina is more pronounced. That could be the result of Joyce’s writing and Toninho Horta’s guest appearance in that track.

It is a pity that this album remains unreleased in the CD format. It is a good beginning to explore Adnet’s intricate melodies and arranging style, not to mention the nice performances here.



Mario Adnet
Alberto Rosenblit & Mario Adnet 
Meia Noite MA-0001 (1979)
Time: 34’50”


  1. Tambá (Alberto Rosenblit) w/ Eveline Hecker
  2. Penedo (Marcio Resende – Alberto Rosenblit – Mario Adnet – Luiz Fernando) w/ Boca Livre
  3. Pica Pau (Alberto Rosenblit)
  4. Quem Mal Me Quer Bem (Mario Adnet – Zé Renato – Juca Filho) w/ Zé Renato
  5. Baiambé (Mario Adnet)
  6. Enviesado (Mario Adnet – Alberto Rosenblit)
  7. Ela (Joyce – Mario Adnet) w/ Eveline Hecker, Danilo Caymmi & Toninho Horta
  8. À Meia Noite e Meia (Mario Adnet) w/ Eveline Hecker
  9. Adriana (Alberto Rosenblit) w/ Leo Gandelman
  10. Não Leve a Mal (Alberto Rosenblit) w/ Leo Gandelman & Céu da Boca
  11. Até o Fim (Alberto Rosenblit) w/ Toninho Horta
  12. Valsa (Alberto Rosenblit – Mario Adnet)