Feb 25 2014

Marimbanda: YouTube channel

In Your Living Room…


Luizinho Duarte, Miquéias dos Santos, Thiago Almeida and Heriberto Porto

With the amount of YouTube videos available in cyberspace — some clearly with poor video and sound qualities — I never felt inclined to write about any particular channels. However, there’s always a first for everything. Since mid-November 2013, I have been enjoying high-quality studio videos produced and shared by Marimbanda. The videos feature brand new music by Marimbanda and have been recorded at the Estúdio Trilha Sonora with technical assistance by Luiz Orsano and Hugo Lage in an Avancer Production by Gabriel Pessoa.

Marimbanda continues to evolve by leaps and bounds. Recently it celebrated 14 years of existence. If you understand Portuguese, you can hear a conversation with Luizinho Duarte in one of the videos below. The quartet is comprised of Luizinho Duarte on drums, Miquéias dos Santos on bass, Thiago Almeida on piano and Heriberto Porto on flutes. This tight ensemble gets its solid performances as a result of both superb musicianship and years playing together. Another interesting fact about the group is that its albums contain a lot of original material with a few incursions into the Brazilian instrumental songbook. The original pieces are from band members and other stellar composers outside the mainstream of the Rio-São Paulo axis. All in all, the sound you hear is always innovative, different and of high caliber.

What appeared initially like an isolated video has now become a regular stream of videos. How long this will go on I cannot answer, but I am certainly enjoying it. At the same time I can no longer keep this a secret. You owe it to yourself to listen and watch these guys performing brand new music. In the link provided below, you will get five pieces and an interview with Luizinho Duarte (in Portuguese). If you can watch this on your large screen TV, do not hesitate to do so. The quality is astounding!

All music presented in these 5 pieces are written by Luizinho Duarte, except where noted. Here’s the track list so far with the most recent video uploaded on February 21, 2014, and the first video from November 13, 2013.

  1. Lindos Olhos
  2. Tudo Vem
  3. Luizinho Duarte Fala Sobre 14 Anos de Marimbanda (Luizinho Duarte Talks About Marimbanda’s 14 Years)
  4. Cuidar de Nós
  5. Troca Trocadilho
  6. Se Vira Aí (Luizinho Duarte – Carlinhos Ferreira)

My recommendation: project this video on a large screen, if at all possible. Enjoy Marimbanda!