Dec 20 2012

Marianna Leporace: Interior

A Solid Release



InteriorWhen I heard that Marianna Leporace was working on a new project last year, I got curious about it. My expectations began to grow as I went back to her previous releases and re-listened to gems such as her solo debutSão Bonitas as Canções (2000), A Canção, a Voz e o Violão (2004) and Marianna Leporace Canta Baden Powell (2007).

Interior is Marianna Leporace‘s 10th album, and as with her previous CDs she continues pushing the envelope and recording some of the best in Brazilian music without falling into commonplace. She is capable of performing classic works by Edu Lobo, Chico Buarque and Baden Powell with the same ease and class as when she explores the universe of new Brazilian music from contemporary songwriters that includeLenine, Alexandre Lemos, Daniel Gonzaga and Marcelo Sandmann, among others. Whereas many performers tend to rest on previous and established songwriters, Marianna has no fear in venturing into new territories. When one is gifted with such beautiful voice and impressive vocal techniques, it is easy to understand why she does it. We, her listeners, are victorious with each and every song she sings. Being an independent artist, Marianna has the privilege of producing her own projects. That and her musical circle turn every album into a very pleasing endeavor.

Marianna Leporace

About Interior, Marianna says this project was her own idea and had been in the works for quite some time. As always, she could depend on her musical partners who contributed to such a marvelous release. She said Interior is “a self-referential work with new songs from various authors” whom she had been gathering throughout her career, “plus some reworking of established authors” who fit her musical career. The “established authors” she refers to include LenineJoão Bosco — he sings with her in his own “Água, Mãe Água” — Edu Lobo and master songwriter Paulo César Pinheiro. Other performers featured in Interior include A Parede, Alain Pierre, Andy Connel, Bruno Migliari, Chiquinho Chagas, Délia Fischer, Edu Szjainbrum, Fernando Caneca, Fernando Leporace, Folia de 3 (a trio comprised of Cacala Carvalho, Eliane Tassis and Marianna herself), Guilherme Hermolin, Leo Leobons, Lui Coimbra, Murilo O’Reilly, Paulo Muylaert, Quarteto Maogani, Rogério Rosa, Sheila Zagury, Emerson Mardhine and Paulo Brandão. Emerson and Paulo were also in charge of musical production and direction.

Interior shows a singer who’s confident and poised for the material she performs. Marianna Leporace is blessed with a voice that gives Brazilian music its proper value. She is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to sing the music she wants, and she is highly capable of doing so with grace and confidence, two traits of an accomplished performer.

If you’d like to listen to a few tracks of Interior, just check it out at Soundcloud.


Marianna Leporace
Mills Records (2011)
Time: 47’44”


  1. Interior (Rodrigo Maranhão – Beto Valente)
  2. Ar e Vendaval (Yuri Popoff – Alexandre Lemos)
  3. Tivéssemos Tempo (Emerson Mardhine – Marcelo Sandmann)
  4. O Velho e o Rio (Ricardo Mansur – Pedro Matta)
  5. Gandaia das Ondas/Pedra e Areia
  6. Carrossel (Lenine – Dudu Falcão / Emerson Mardhine – Alexandre Lemos)
  7. Navegante (Fernando Leporace – Alexandre Lemos)
  8. Água, Mãe Água (João Bosco) w/ João Bosco
  9. Sereia e Marinheiro (Emerson Mardhine – Etel Frota) w/ Quarteto Maogani
  10. Perdido no Meio das Ondas (Daniel Gonzaga)
  11. Fazer a Mala (Fernando Leporace – Dilma Lóes)
  12. Vento Bravo (Edu Lobo – Paulo César Pinheiro)