Mar 16 2017

Marcos Nimrichter: Trio$

Long Overdue

Trio$The first solo album by Marcos Nimrichter dates back to 2003. The album, reviewed here in MB, impressed me with its polished production and arrangements. In 2006, along with Caio Márcio (acoustic and electric guitars), Marcos released Radamés em Companhia. That album was devoted to the music of Radamés Gnattali, K-Ximbinho, Guinga and Ernesto NazarethMarcos Nimrichter is also a regular in Mario Adnet‘s projects, having appeared in several of his releases.

Listeners are now treated to a solo album by Marcos Nimrichter after a long period away from the recording studio while keeping a very busy performance schedule. Here he features a trio format along with Jefferson Leskowich (bass) and Rafael Barata (drums). In fact there are three trios featured in the album. The second trio has Guto Wirtti (bass) and Erivelton Silva (drums), and the third trio brings Bruno Aguilar (bass), Renato “Massa” Calmon (drums). To add to the fun combinations, guest musician Andrade do Acordeom (accordion) appears on three tracks. Of course, center stage we have Marcos on keys and Fender Rhodes.

The number three clearly has an interesting connection with the album. It was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in three days in July 2014. The album title, Trio$, is obviously used because of the trio format during the recording sessions. Each trio recorded three tracks — except for one, which only did two. Other connections with the number three are more personal to Marcos. His birthday is on the 3rd day of October, and he has three sons. Clearly he considers three his lucky number, too.

Marcos Nimrichter Trio

The album repertoire is as wide as the Brazilian songbook. You will hear composers ranging from Tom Jobim, Reginaldo Rossi, Moacir Santos, Luiz Gonzaga to Neguinho da Beija Flor, as well as original music by Marcos himself. You may wonder what such names have in common, but it becomes completely obvious when you hear the great music presented here. The sad longing and somber mood in “Légua Tirana,” for example, is powerful with Guto Wirtti’s remarkable bass solo punctuated with sparse accordion notes by Andrade do Acordeom. A soft samba such as the opener, “Logo Agora,” contrasts beautifully with Baroque touches in “Amalgamation.” The arrangements in Trio$ is the magic force along with these competent musicians’ performances. Music, arrangements and musicians complete a beautiful circle in this musical Holy Trinity.

This trio formation featured in Trio$ is a sure winner. The artists are clearly at ease with the repertoire, and that is evidenced by the great music they make together. The synergy among piano, bass and drum is very popular in Brazilian music. Marcos Nimrichter plays tribute to that tradition and gives continuity to it with a solid release. Be sure to visit Marcos Nimrichter on the web and experience his music. This release is only available in digital format.



Marcos Nimrichter
Mills Records (2016) – Digital format only
Time: 44’45”


  1. Logo Agora (Jorge Aragão – Jotabe)
  2. Passarim (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  3. Garçom (Reginaldo Rossi)
  4. Amalgamation (Moacir Santos)
  5. Pra Operar Legal (Marcos Nimrichter)
  6. Légua Tirana (Luiz Gonzaga – Humberto Teixeira)
  7. O Campeão (Neguinho da Beija-Flor)
  8. Alegria da Manhã (Marcos Nimrichter)