Mar 04 2008

Marcos Amorim: Sete Capelas

Guitar Jazz for a Quiet Evening


Sete Capelas (Seven Chapels)After the well received Cris on the Farm, guitarist Marcos Amorim surprises again with his fourth solo project. On Sete Capelas, Marcos Amorim (Rio de Janeiro, 1964) impresses with inspired performances that indisputable show traditional Brazilian influence.

Amorim’s first (independent) released solo album O Boto (1993) was voted best instrumental album of that year by one of Brazil’s most influential newspapers, O Globo. It was a supportive breakthrough for his career as a musician. The album was followed by the again independent released Luz da Lua in 1998 and the above mentioned Cris on the Farm (or Cristina na Fazenda) in 2003. Sete Capelas is recorded with the same trio we hear on Cris on the Farm: Ney Conceição on bass and Robertinho Silva on drums. The guitarist signed for all the compositions. The overall sentiment of the album is one of beautiful guitar jazz for a quiet evening. The guitarist delivers often nostalgic sounding solos, like on the desolate “Sonhos Indianos,” where the solo seems to escape from a monotonous bass string of the guitar.

Marcos AmorimThe album opens with “Coisas Demais por Fazer,” on which Marcos Amorim respectfully follows the samba jazz tradition of the great late Brazilian jazz icon Moacir Santos (1926-2006). Guest performer Nivaldo Ornelas is featured on flute. His soloing gives the composition an extra nostalgic Moacir Santos sentiment, accompanied by the beautiful acoustic bass lines of Ney Conceição, the soft touch of Robertinho Silva and the chords of Marcos Amorim’s acoustic guitar. “Bolero por Jacó” is of course dedicated to the late bassist Jacó Pastorius (1951-1987). Ney Conceição shows his adoration for the bassist with tasteful Pastorius inspired phrases on his fretless bass. His solo is of an impressive beauty, framed by gentle percussion and the beautiful sound of the Amorim’s acoustic guitar. This instrument is also featured on “Rio Tranquilo,” that breathes the air of Brazil’s mining area, Minas Gerais. This tune sounds indeed as the perfect musical metaphor for a day of fishing in the quiet Minas area, as Amorim states in his description of the song in the booklet. Even more than on “Sonhos Indianos” the guitarist uses one note on the low string of his guitar as a save bed to build the solo on. It gives a special somewhat dark colour to the song. The composition gently flows over in the solo performance of “Amandy.” The title track “Sete Capelas” brings us back again to Minas Gerais, the state that more than once provides Amorim with inspiration. This composition refers to one of the many landmarks in the state, the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus in the charming hill town of Congonhas do Campo. Marcos AmorimThis church built in the second half of the 18th century features seven chapels (one for each Station of the Cross) with masterful sculptures by Antonio Francisco (Aleijadinho) Lisboa (1730-1814). The song quietly evolves as if you’re wandering around in Congonhas. Nivaldo Ornelas is on flute again in this piece. “Luz da Lua” is a beautiful bossa nova jazz standard with subtle guitar playing, suitably accompanied by acoustic bass and the brushes of Robertinho Silva. Marcos still loves to play this title track of his second album. “Mr. Z” is dedicated to Richard Zirinsky Jr, executive producer of this cd and the founder of Adventure Music, the label that released this and Amorim’s previous album. It’s again a nice piece of jazz, featuring the flute of Nivaldo Ornelas. “Homenageando Garoto” honors the great Brazilian guitarist/composer Aníbal Augusto Sardinha (or in short Garoto; 1915-1955). The song is inspired by his composition “Lamentos do Morro.” The three musicians prove to be among the best around in Rio’s jazz scene. With this impressive piece of music, Marcos Amorim ends this showcase of good taste.

This album has been recorded with care and guarantees undisturbed listening pleasure. To hear sample tracks and also learn about the artist, please visit Marcos Amorim’s bilingual website.



Marcos Amorim
Sete Capelas (Seven Chapels) 
Adventure Music AM1024-2 (2006)
Time: 50’41”


All compositions by Marcos Amorim.

  1. Coisas Demais por Fazer
  2. Sonhos Indianos
  3. Bolero por Jacó
  4. Rio Tranquilo
  5. Amandy (Dia de Chuva)
  6. Pedra da Sorte
  7. Sete Capelas
  8. Luz da Lua
  9. Mr Z.
  10. Homenageando Garoto