Nov 04 2005

Marcelo Zarvos: Music Journal

Urban and Folk Themes


Music JournalWith an astonishing opening track, Marcelo Zarvos clearly outlines his proposition for his third release: mix classical chamber music, jazz, and Brazilian themes in eight original compositions.  Weaving lyricism with Brazilian folk and urban music, Zarvos’ journey starts off with the lively rhythmic colors of “Forró em Curuipe,” an exuberant portrait of the Brazilian Northeast countryside. Complementing Zarvos’ piano and sporadic accordion accompaniment, Dorothy Lawson’s cello, Peter Epstein’s sax, and Mauro Refosco and Satoshi Takeishi’s percussion lay the picturesque scenario for this musical travelogue.  At times the music is gentle, serene and ethereal like a lullaby, as in the case of “While She Sleeps” and “One More Year.”  Sometimes the accordion provides a haunting companion that offers a dramatic contrast with the sweetness of the cello and sax solos.  Then, as if a whirlwind had cut across Brazil, Zarvos suddenly transports you to the middle of a busy thoroughfare in “Avenida Paulista,” the heart of São Paulo.  Zarvos’ Brazilian roots shine once again at the beat of samba and bossa nova.  What is most amazing about this release is how comfortable Zarvos is presenting urban and folk themes in a seamless blend of real and imaginary memories.  His music truly captures the diverse landscape that Brazil is.Marcelo Zarvos

You can hear samples of Music Journal here or by visiting Marcelo Zarvos own web site.



Marcelo Zarvos 
Music Journal
M A Recordings M055A (2000)
Total time: 44’57”


All tracks by Marcelo Zarvos.

  1. Forró em Curuipe
  2. Gallop
  3. While She Sleeps
  4. Rules of Conduct
  5. Spinning
  6. Avenida Paulista
  7. In a Doorway
  8. One More Year

 A shorter version of this review appeared in the November 2000 issue of JazzTimes.