Jun 01 2007

Línox: Positivo

Positive Vibes


PositivoMusic has a prominent place in the live of Línox ever since he reached the age of ten, some quarter of a century ago… Gaining experience in numerous bands, the Rio based musician started to develop his own mixed style. Línox began experimenting on the drums when he was only twelve years old. After moving to Rio, one year later, he met Davi Moraes with whom he started to play in a band called Fibra de Vida. Almost simultaneously he and his Fibra band mates toured around with one of Brazil’s star musicians Moraes Moreira for about four years. It was, along with gigs with saxophonist Nivaldo Ornelas and funk singer Cláudio Zolli a fruitful experience for the drummer/percussionist. Soon he started to write his own music while slowly moving over to the guitar (his partner in composing). It didn’t take too long before Línox was able to enjoy the perfect combination of his two main interests: music and philosophy/poetry.

LínoxLínox (who uses is childhood nickname “Linhos”) now focuses on a career as singer/guitarist. When asked about his musical influences Línox of course mentions Moraes Moreira along with Brazil’s icons Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, AC Jobim and Gilberto Gil, but also Lenine, Paulinho Moska and Arnaldo Antunes and less evident architect Oscar Niemeyer. Línox mixes all the influences to an unpretentious very entertaining varied music style, which also reflects his relaxed social awareness (as member of the Movement for Kindness). In this respect, it sounds quite obvious that Línox’s second solo album carries the title “Positivo.” This also can be said about the result: positive! The twelve tracks on the album are well chosen; variety is the spice. The music goes from catchy pop songs to pure and solid rock, via danceable reggae, alternative pop and nice rock ballads. All songs are of the same high standard. The participating musicians on the album are more than talented, too. First there’s producer Christiaan Oyens, who also can be heard on drums, various guitars and vocals. Bassists Dunga and Marcelo Mariano, guitarists Max Viana, Fernando Aranha, Lincoln Novaes and Fabrício Matos and drummer João Viana are among the other featured artists. Highlights on the album are the superb “Nesse Vai-e-Vem,” “Na Jogada” (co-written with Gabriel O Pensador), the gentle “Condição Humana,” the powerful “Um Lugar que Caiba Minha Vida” and the pleasant “Movimento pela Paz,” with a most relaxed reggae inspired bass-line by Dunga. This is one of those cds that will always please its listeners. Music in a most positive form.

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Fibra Records 00003 (2005)
Time: 45’58”


All tracks by Línox, except where noted.

  1. Sossegado
  2. Condição Humana
  3. Sorriso (Línox – Alexandre Castilho)
  4. Stop Stress
  5. De Repente
  6. Um Lugar Que Caiba Minha Vida
  7. Movimento Pela Paz
  8. Nesse Vai e Vem
  9. Na Jogada (Línox – Gabriel O Pensador)
  10. Tons na Cidade (Línox – João Viana – Rodrigo Shá)
  11. Como um Vencedor
  12. Dezembro