Dec 01 2006

Lenine: Acústico MTV

Also Making It the Acoustic Way


Acústico MTVWhen Lenine was asked by MTV to participate in their unplugged series, he decided to make something special of it by inviting some less obvious guests from all over the world. Of course MTV added strings and a burning horn section. Lenine brought his own band to complete the setting. The band is the same powerful band that accompanied Lenine earlier during his In Cité world tour. On various acoustic guitars we hear the inventive Jr Tostoi. During the “electric” tour he proved to be a fantastic addition to Lenine’s music. His unique style on the electric guitar gave the music a complete new dimension, true to Lenine’s ideas. On the acoustic instruments Júnior shows again a unique style. Just listen to what he does on a song like “Santana.” On bass is Guila. It’s interesting to hear him on the acoustic instruments, too, the double bass and the acoustic bass guitar. He manages to produce the same powerful bass lines as on the electric instrument. Drummer/Percussionist is Pantico Rocha whose well balanced and tasteful performance suits the acoustic program perfectly. From the horn section, Walmir Gil fully takes advantage of the opportunity to shine with a muted trumpet on “A Rede.”

First surprising guest is Cristina Braga on harp. Along with the string orchestra she gives “Paciência” a beautiful sentiment. From Chile, but performing with Rio’s Symphony Orchestra, comes Victor Astorga on the English horn to make “O Último Pôr do Sol” sound very special, almost classic. Next guest is the Cameroonian multi-instrumentalist Richard Bona playing the electric bass and singing a few lines in French on “A Medida da Paixão.” The cute Julieta Venegas from Mexico shows no mercy on “Miedo.” She sings in Spanish with a direct clear voice as if the song is hers. She adds supportive chords on a distant sounding accordion. Wonderful appearance! Also deserving special mention is Pantico Rocha on drums, whose indefatigable shuffle adds to one of the album’s highlights. GOG (short for Genival Oliveira Gonçalves) is a rapping poet. His rap vocals on “A Ponte” bring a nice variation in the album’s repertoire. The rhythm on this song is kept very tight by Pantico Rocha’s pulse beat and by deep bass accents from Guila. The horn section gives the whole album a soul influence. LenineThe songs stand in contrast with the following “Dois Olhos Negros” on which Sepultura’s massive percussionist Igor Cavalera beats the hell out of his drum kit with strong and dark beats. The cd closes with the pleasant “Jack Soul Brasileiro.”

Of course there’s also a DVD of the concert, containing more music; but thankfully the special guests all appear on the cd too. It’s a nice addition to Lenine’s most recent efforts to leave his mark on Brazilian popular music. He explores his older repertoire (especially works from the cd “Na Pressão”) and gives it a new life with this enlightening approach.



Acústico MTV 
Sony BMG 82876880512 (2006)
Time: 59’06”


  1. O Atirador (Lula Queiroga)
  2. Hoje Eu Quero Sair Só (Mu Chebabi – Caxa Aragão – Lenine)
  3. A Rede (Lula Queiroga – Lenine)
  4. Paciência (Dudu Falcão – Lenine)
  5. O Último Pôr do Sol (Lula Queiroga – Lenine)
  6. O Homem dos Olhos de Raio-X (Lenine)
  7. Lá e Cá (Lenine – Sergio Natureza)
  8. A Medida da Paixão (Dudu Falcão – Lenine)
  9. Tudo por Acaso (Lenine – Dudu Falcão)
  10. Miedo (Pedro Guerra – Lenine – Rodney Assis)
  11. Santana (Junio Barreto – João Carlos)
  12. A Ponte  (Lula Queiroga – Lenine)
  13. Dois Olhos Negros (Lula Queiroga)
  14. Jack Soul Brasileiro (Lenine)


  1. Na Pressão (Bráulio Tavares – Sergio Natureza – Lenine)
  2. Rua da Passagem (Trânsito) (Arnaldo Antunes – Lenine)
  3. O Que É Bonito (Bráulio Tavares – Lenine)
  4. O Silêncio das Estrelas (Dudu Falcão – Lenine)
  5. Ecos do Âo (Carlos Rennó – Lenine)
  6. Escrúpulo (Lula Queiroga – Lenine)
  7. Leão do Norte (Paulo César Pinheiro – Lenine)
  8. Que Baque É Esse? (Lenine)