Aug 07 2002

Katia B: Katia B

Focusing on Music


Katia BKátia Bronstein (born in Rio) is creative on a wide scale of artistic activities: she’s an actress, dancer, singer and composer. Although I don’t know about her dancing and acting, I DO know I’m happy she decided to focus a bit more on music. You might know Kátia by her participation on the highly recommended Suba CD São Paulo Confessions. The song “Segredo” on that album is written and performed by Kátia and Suba.

On this CD the late Mitar Subotic (Suba) is responsible for the mixing, which gives you a clue about the music, too: tasteful use of electronics combined with good musicianship. The music was recorded in 1998 and released independently before it was released again with two additional tracks in 2000. The CD opens with the impressive “Beijos de Beco”. Marcos Cunha and Plínio Gomes do an absolutely great job in laying down the sound texture. It has an oriental atmosphere over it. It is followed by “Risos e Chá,” another example of how beautiful electronic music can sound! It’s a slow tempo song, with nice work by guitarist Gustavo Corsi (who also worked with Marina Lima (Sissi Na Sua) and Cidade Negra). In these two songs you already learn that Kátia’s voice sounds crystal clear, sensual and flexible. “Diva” is a Kátia B original, sounding very contemporary. Tom Capone on guitar and Paralamas’ João Barone adds his percussive talents. One of the added songs on this release is “A Rã” (Caetano Veloso – João Donato). It’s a wonderful rendition. João Barone is on drums, sound wizard Plínio Gomes picks up his beloved bass, Gustavo Corsi is on guitar, João Parahyba is the percussionist and Marcos Cunha is on keys. Without sounding like her, it does make me think of Bebel Gilberto, whose CD was produced by Suba. What we hear throughout this album sounds so much more adventurous, inventive and pure, compared to Tanto Tempo. “Copo Vazio” is a lazy sounding gem. Written by Dé and João Barone (who’s on bass and drums here), we have Marcos Nimrichter on keys and piano and Corsi on guitar. Beautiful! More aggressive is “Que Horas Não São?”, with Herbert Vianna on guitar. Vianna composed “Noites de Sol, Dia de Lua,” a typical Herbert Vianna song, perfectly fitting Katia’s beautiful voice. Marcos Nimrichter’s accordion, combined with the cellos of Lui Coimbra and Hugo Pilger, give it a mysterious undertone. It flows nicely over in “Pólos.” Also a laid back, beautiful sung gem. “Nem Aí” is another highlight with heavy sound texture (Plínio Gomes), strong percussion (João Barone on drums and a quartet of percussionists). Glauco Fernandes adds a surprising violin line; Coimbra on cello and beautiful piano (Nimrichter). This is also an example of what I mean with much more adventurous… On “Framboesas” Katia’s voice flows through the air, tastefully accompanied by electronic sounds and piano (Marcos Cunha). The second additional track on this release is “Na Lagoa Dub,” which sounds as a sort of review of this wonderful CD. If interested in this CD, please contact Net Records.



Kátia B
Kátia B
NET Records NET0002 (2000)
Time: 41’56”


  1. Beijos de Beco (Laufer – Fausto Fawcett – Katia B)
  2. Risos e Chá (Suely Mesquita – Marcos Cunha – Katia B)
  3. Diva (Katia B)
  4. A Rã (Caetano Veloso – João Donato)
  5. Copo Vazio (Dé – João Barone)
  6. Que Horas Não São? (Vitor Ramil)
  7. Noites de Sol, Dias de Lua (Herbert Vianna)
  8. Pólos (Mathilda Kóvak – Katia B)
  9. Nem Aí (Arícia Mess – Katia B)
  10. Framboesas (Alvin L.)
  11. Na Lagoa Dub (Lucio K) REMIX