Oct 01 2002

Kali C: Parada Cardíaca

 Deserving of a Wider Audience

Parada CardíacaKali C is one of the new bright stars on the horizon of modern Brazilian music. Kali is from Niterói, RJ, and seems to know exactly what she wants. What the “C” stands for? No idea, could be Cantora or Compositora… since she’s both! Her first solo release is a gem. A quick listen will mislead you to qualify this CD as another hiphop album; but this is so much more! The album slaps you right in your face. It’s no-nonsense, contemporary alternative hiphop funk (just to give the merchandise a name…).

A short rundown: The CD opens with a funky hiphop gem Fernanda Abreu couldn’t perform better. “Corro Sim” sets the tone for the approach you can expect from the singer. Music made out of very intelligent used samples and a great voice. You can’t hear this music and not be infected by its beat. That beat gets a real set back on the next tune “Unhas,” with the lazy tempo, the sensual voice and a radio-like voice talking in the background. After hearing these two songs, you wonder what the hell you’re listening to. It sounds new, fresh and alternative. Things get a pop touch on “Um Deus.” The way guitarist Rodrigo Campello sets the groove is at least impressive. Kali hums pleasantly along with the melody line. Fun. “A Verdade” opens with the real funky playing Campello (musical director on this album) and continues as a catchy pop/funk song. Bassist Bruno Migliari sets a fat sounding groove underneath the guitar licks. Another change of mood is to be heard when the sarcastic “Cigarro” starts with a cuíca solo from percussionist Jovi Joviniano, who also does a little vocal, a highlight on the CD. Title song “Parada Cardíaca” invites the strings from the Sinfônica de Ipanema to add a little to the surprising arrangement of this ballad. A clear voice points out the vocal qualities of Kali C, sounding a bit melancholic here. As a contrast, her own written “A Força” sounds really ugly. Razor sharp spacey guitar and repetitive vocal lines make this almost the most eccentric tune on this CD. Back to the melancholic Kali… “Minha Cara” gets a classic Brazilian touch with sweet vocals. Rodrigo Campello adds percussive samples to overwhelm his acoustic guitar playing; while the singer flows around the whole melody. “O Beijo” is a bit too much hiphop for me; as in predictable. “Carla” continues the high quality level of this CD. Snare drum beat against the slow cadence of the song. “Sobre o Assunto” is another uptempo pop song; great bass lines by both Mário Moura and Jaison, give the funky undertone. This song proves how tasteful the use of samples can be (whether you like the use of those or not…). Kali could have invited Marisa Monte to sing the chorus lines on “Viro Bicho.” Instead she does it herself more than accurate. A pleasant song with an oriental touch. The price for the most eccentric song goes to the closing “Ignorada.” You can only hear to believe. The talking vocals are mingling with each other, sampled voices and an extreme deep bass (Ricardo Feijão); turning into a funky chorus (complete with plucking bass). Then it’s all funk towards the end: crazy! “Ignorada, isso é pior do que nada.” It would be a shame to ignore this very talented singer/composer. This CD is an independent release but deserves the wider audience more than a lot. You can contact Kali C via e-mail and find out how to purchase the CD.



Kali C
Parada Cardíaca
PP0020/00 (2002)
Time: 44’16”


  1. Corro Sim (Kali C.)
  2. Unhas (Germana Guilherme – Kali C.)
  3. Um Deus (Kali C. – Suely Mesquita)
  4. A Verdade (Baruck – Kali C.)
  5. Cigarro (Kali C. – Suely Mesquita – Jovi Joviniano)
  6. Parada Cardíaca (Kali C. – Suely Mesquita)
  7. A Força (Kali C.)
  8. Minha Cara (Kali C.)
  9. O Beijo (Kali C.)
  10. Carla Cadê (Kali C.)
  11. Sobre o Assunto (Kali C.)
  12. Viro Bicho (Kali C.)
  13. Ignorada (Kali C. – Drica Novo – Suely Mesquita)