Dec 28 2002

Jorge Aragão: Ao Vivo – Convida

 The Joy of a Few Sambas


Ao Vivo - ConvidaJorge Aragão is samba. He started a successful career in the 70’s, and recorded his first album in 1982.

In the series “Ao Vivo Convida” this album gives an overview of Jorge’s accomplishments these past decades. The album opens with the prestigious Heitor Villa-Lobos composition “Ária Cantilena Nr. 1 das Bachianas Brasileiras Nr. 5,” followed by a surprising way to perform a samba. The song “Moleque Atrevido” is sung a cappella first, then adding the instruments and vocal choir every good samba needs. Among the guests Jorge invited is of course Elza Soares, who (by recording “Malandro”) put his name on the list of composers in Brazil. She adds her typical Louis Armstrong influenced vocals on a rendition of the old classic on this concert event. Zeca Pagodinho is the next guest on the wonderful samba “Mutirão de Amor”; it brings you back to Rio, wherever you are. Young pop singer Jorge Vercilo gets a chance to gain fame when he joins Jorge on the samba ballad “Encontro das Águas.” “Lucidez” is an enjoyable samba, that has the power to spin around in your head for a while. Alcione adds tradition to the slow samba “Enredo do Meu Samba.” As does Beth Carvalho in double tempo on the medley “Coisinha do Pai” and “Vou Festejar.” Not disturbed by complicated lyrics, this is just samba to dance on; although the arrangement (as far as there is one) sounds a bit chaotic at some times. The Quarteto de Cordas makes an odd entrance with the instrumental samba rendition of Gounod’s “Ave Maria,” a contrast with the pop samba Emílio Santiago appears with. Jorge sounds like he has difficulties adjusting to Emílio’s key. But it all turns out fine, with a gently babbling samba. A nice surprise is the presence of the Filhos de Gandhy choir on the lovely “Eu e Você Sempre”. Jorge sings alone, accompanied only by a pounding samba percussion, until everyone’s joining in again for a repetition of the lyrics.

Other guests feature Martinho da Villa and Leci Brandão. The band has the usual line-up for this kind of samba: drums, bass, banjo, acoustic guitar, keys and a lot of percussion.

A pleasant album, not pretentious of reaching anything else but the joy of a few sambas.



Jorge Aragão
Ao Vivo Convida
Indie Records Universal 325912004562 (2002)
Time: 79’59”


  1. Ária Cantilena Nr. 1 das Bachianas Brasileiras Nr. 5 (Heitor Villa-Lobos)
  2. Moleque Atrevido (Jorge Aragão – Flávio Cardoso – Paulinho Rezende)
  3. Malandro (Jorge Aragão)
  4. Mutirão de Amor (Sombrinha – Zeca Pagodinho – Jorge Aragão)
  5. Encontro das Águas (Jorge Vercilo – Jota Maranhão)
  6. Lucidez (Cleber Au gusto – Jorge Aragão)
  7. Enredo do Meu Samba (Jorge Aragão – Ivone Lara)
  8. Coisinha do Pai (Jorge Aragão – Almir – Luiz Carlos)/Vou Festejar (Jorge Aragão – Neoci Dias – Dida)
  9. Ontem (Jorge Aragão)
  10. Ave Maria (Gounod; adap. Jorge Aragão)
  11. Espelho d’Água (Dalto – Claudio Rabello)
  12. Eu e Você Sempre (Jorge Aragão – Flávio Cardoso)
  13. Devagar Miudinho (Paulinho da Viola)/Casa de Bamba (Martinho da Vila)
  14. Falsa Consideração (Eros Fidelis – Liebert – Marquinhos Satã)
  15. Do Fundo do Nosso Quintal (Jorge Aragão – Alberto Souza)