Jul 04 2008

Jorge Albuquerque, Marcos Amorim, Rafael Barata: Revolving Landscapes


Revolving LandscapesAfter two pleasing albums — Cris on the Farm (2003) and Sete Capelas (2006) — Marcos Amorim assembled a new trio for his third album for the label Adventure Music. Marcos’s artistic guitar playing is now joined by the able hands of Jorge Albuquerque on bass and Rafael Barata on drums. Each artist individually brings a vast experience from their collaborations with names such as Rosa Passos, Edu Lobo, Ivan Lins, Mario Adnet, Nestor Torres, Leo Gandelman and Antonio Adolfo. With such talents joining their artistic abilities and experiences, it is no wonder that Revolving Landscapes turns out to be a fine follow-up.

The opener “Waterfall” carries a certain and yet subtle Spanish influence with Marcos’s guitar solos giving that unmistakable flavor. Unlike other trio albums, this CD depends very much on Rafael’s drum presence throughout the entire recording. In “Afternoon in Hanoy,” that presence is more than obvious with a long solo in the last third of that track leading all the way to the end of the piece. Most of the tracks are soft ballads (“New Landscape,” “Mariana” and “Cloudy Day,” for example) highlighted by Marcos’ smooth nylon-string guitar solos. However, the trio knows well when to spice things up a little as in the cool swing “Sea Party” and the upbeat of “Salsa” while still maintaining a smooth tone in the entire album. In other words, the music, arrangements and performances remain in synch throughout all this pleasing and serene repertoire.

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Jorge Albuquerque, Marcos Amorim, Rafael Barata
Revolving Landscapes 
Adventure Music AM1036 2 (2007)
Time: 62’24”


  1. Waterfall (Marcos Amorim)
  2. Afternoon in Hanoy (Jorge Luis Albuquerque)
  3. New Landscape (Marcos Amorim)
  4. Cloudy Day (Jorge Luis Albuquerque)
  5. Sea Party (Marcos Amorim)
  6. Mariana (Marcos Amorim)
  7. 10 Years Later (Jorge Luis Albuquerque)
  8. Safaga (Jorge Luis Albuquerque)
  9. Salsa (Marcos Amorim)
  10. Grumary (Jorge Luis Albuquerque)