Aug 28 2015

Humberto Barros: Longe, Longe

Fun Again

Longe, LongeKeyboard player Humberto Barros is a very welcoming musician. When he releases a CD, it feels like you’re entering the living room of someone who loves to show you around his musical surprises. Humberto has a way to come up with music that bursts with originality. He’s mainly a keyboard player, but in fact he’s a multi-instrumentalist, composer and illustrator (to name a few artistic qualities).

Like on his previous works, Humberto Barros (1965, Rio de Janeiro) finds inspiration in pop, rock and jazz. On Longe, Longe the sentiment is a bit rockier, although the music definitely doesn’t lose anything of Humberto’s signature style. The sentiment is just a bit heavier, clearly based in the instrumental arrangements that were used by rock bands in the 1970s-80s, but with a contemporary twist.

As usual, Humberto plays most of the instruments (vocals, piano, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, Wurlitzer piano, Hammond organ, drums, …). Where needed, the right instrumentalists were invited on the right place. Drummer Marcelo Vig is on most tracks.

The set of thirteen songs can be described as nostalgic pop music. Again a few instrumental tracks were included. “Donatella no Conversível” brings a wink to the jazz-rock scene of the second half of last century. Guitarist Gustavo Corsi does a great job on this song. On drums is Humberto’s old colleague from Kid Abelha, Kadu Menezes, who shows to have a funky groove. The second instrumental is “Reggaton,” which floats on a steady rhythm (drummer Marcelo Vig). Gustavo Corsi, on guitar again, cleverly shows the direction Humberto has to follow on the Hammond organ. It’s a typical Humberto Barros track: great music but full of winks and tricks. It makes the music pleasant and interesting to listen to. A quieter moment comes with the beautiful ballad “Ana Paula,” where Humberto plays the accordion and cellist Fernanda Monteiro lays down a sentimental undertone. On the third instrumental, the majestic “O Sol na Praça Centra,” Humberto plays all the instruments and shows his wonderful skills as pianist. Sounds like more… The album closes in style with “Um Amigo Meu.” With Nilo Romero on guitar, the song gently finishes this wonderful piece of work.Humberto Barros

This fourth solo album by Humberto Barros is a true joy again. His qualities as organ player and pianist are commonly known. On his solo works he shows to be much more than that perfect band member/accompanist. He shows a wonderful talent in composing an original repertoire which he performs with an honest enthusiasm and clever craftsmanship! The albums certainly deserve more attention.



Humberto Barros
Longe, Longe
Bolacha (independent, 2015)
Time: 69’49”

Tracks: (all compositions by Humberto Barros, except where noted)

  1. Ver Se Atinge o Santo
  2. Somos Muito Mais
  3. Dessa Vez (A Carta)
  4. Ultrapassar os Tempos (Helena Oliveira – Humberto Barros)
  5. Donatella no Conversível
  6. Longe, Longe
  7. Os Olhos do Mundo
  8. Na Linha dos Teus Olhos
  9. Reggaton
  10. Ana Paula
  11. Uma Dessas Cenas Qualquer
  12. O Sol na Praça Central
  13. Um Amigo Meu