Nov 30 2016

Hans Vroomans: Saudade do Brasil


Hans VroomansRecently I was watching Nelson Faria‘s Um Café Lá em Casa featuring Dutch pianist Hans Vroomans. As a bonus after the show, Nelson released a special video recording of Hans Vroomans playing Antonio Carlos Jobim‘s “Saudade do Brasil.” Although Mú has never reviewed a single YouTube video, this particular rendition deserves your viewing most definitely. So, this is not a review, but rather a stunning gift we receive through Hans Vroomans’ exceptional artistry.

First, though, before the YouTube link, here is a bit of background information about the artist. Hans Vroomans studied classical piano at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Later on, he attended New York University and studied piano under Jim McNeely and Don Friedman and arranging under Bob Mintzer. Currently he is the principal pianist of the Metropole Orkest. As a member of that orchestra, he has played and recorded with Ivan Lins, Al Jarreau and others. He is also the pianist and musical director of singer Laura Fygi. His connection to Brazilian music becomes more evident with his participation in the Who’s the Bossa group, whose debut CD was reviewed here.

“Saudade do Brasil” is one of Jobim’s most evocative compositions and was first recorded in his 1976 Urubu album. I personally consider that album a desert island disc. So, when I heard that Hans had done this special recording, I could hardly wait to hear and see his performance. Here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure.