Sep 30 2006

Hamilton de Holanda Quintet: Brasilianos

How Choro Should Be Played


BrasilianosBrazilian mandolinists are world famous for their bountiful talents and vigorous performances. Whether we are talking about the legendary Jacob do Bandolim or more recent aces, such as Joel do Nascimento and Armandinho, mandolin players and groups keep choro music alive and well. The latest release in choro music comes through the hands of the Hamilton de Holanda Quintet in Brasilianos. Simply put, this album is electrifying. With eleven original pieces penned by Hamilton de Holanda himself and two extras numbers written by Heitor Villa-Lobos and Gilberto Gil, Brasilianos is relentless in its musical excellency. The quintet is headed by Hamilton de Holanda (10-string mandolin), Daniel Santiago(acoustic guitar), André Vasconcellos (electric bass), Márcio Bahia (drums), and Gabriel Grossi (harmonica). Extending the range of his mandolin (there’s an added low C string), Hamilton fires away such exciting music that you’ll likely wonder how someone can play that fast and accurately. Leave it to a pro such as Hamilton! Most numbers here are thrilling and fast paced, such as the hot opener “Pedra da Macumba,” “Caçuá,” “01 Byte 10 Cordas” or the Hermetian delight that closes the album, “Hermeto Is Playing.” However, the quintet knows well when to allow you some rest, such as when they perform the exquisite title track or “For You to Stay.” From opener to closer, Brasilianos is fiery! And that’s how choro music should be played.

You can visit Hamilton de Holanda on the web. Until Adventure Musicadds this title to its web site, you can visit Biscoito Fino, the Brazilian label that released this album.



Hamilton de Holanda Quintet 
Adventure Music AM 1026 2 or Biscoito Fino BF 630 (2006)
Total time: 63’36”


All compositions by Hamilton de Holanda, except where noted.

  1. Pedra da Macumba
  2. Brasilianos
  3. Baião Brasil
  4. Caçuá
  5. 01 Byte 10 Cordas
  6. For You to Stay (Pra Você Ficar)
  7. Small Country Train (Trenzinho do Caipira) (Heitor Villa-Lobos)
  8. Longing for the Future (Saudade do Futuro)
  9. Waltz in B (Valsa em Si)
  10. Procession (Procissão) (Gilberto Gil)
  11. Forever (Pra Sempre)
  12. Minor Pain (Dor Menor)
  13. Hermeto Is Playing (Hermeto Tá Brincando)