Jul 24 2005

Gil: O Canto da Sereia

Party Time!


O Canto da SereiaQuite frankly, how can one resist the invitation in the opening track of Gil’s latest album, O Canto da Sereia? Full of vitality, she sings “it’s summertime, summer’s here… It’s pure seduction.” I’m in! With a contagious beat that is reminiscent of Skank’s infectious sound, Gil entices you to enter her world with “Chegou o Verão,” the hit single during the 2005 Carnaval in Salvador, Bahia. It is not hard to imagine why.

Gil (short for Gilmelândia Palmeira dos Santos) was born in Bahia on September 20, 1975. Her big musical break came to be in 1998, when Banda Beijo’s Netinho invited her to join that group. The rest is history. Together with Banda Beijo and in solo projects, Gil has recorded six albums previously. One mark always present in her solo efforts is the eclectic repertoire that includes traditional sounds from Bahia, such as axé music, as well as songs by names such as Zeca Baleiro and Ivan Lins (in her 2001 Me Beija solo CD) and now Moraes Moreira, Marina Lima, Moska, Chico Buarque and Ivan Lins again.

O Canto da Sereia offers a mixture of music that is bound to please a wide range of listeners. Up tempo melodies seem to alternate with slow ballads. To spice this mix a bit more there are two electrifying frevos: “Vou Tirar de Letra” and “Pula, Pula (Salto de Sapato).” Both songs contain all the right elements to energize even a dead crowd: lots of brass instruments, fast lyrics and the Carnaval theme written all over. The summer theme is also exemplified with the delicious and international “A Festa Já Começou,” where beaches from Brazil, the Caribbean and Hawaii are included in the lyrics talking about ardent lovers under moonlit skies. I cannot help but be reminded of the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo.” Now, the question I kept asking myself when I first saw this CD was how one would transition from these songs into Chico Buarque and Ruy Guerra’s “Tatuagem.” Well, we have the very well arranged “Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai.” That song allows Gil to throw plenty of sensuality in her rendition and gets listeners ready for a real slow ballad as “Tatuagem.”

GilO Canto da Sereia was produced by Júlio Teixeira, who also doubled quite well on piano and arrangements, and also had musical direction by Claudio Rabello. When all is said and done, and after taking a breath with “Tatuagem,” pop the CD in your computer drive and watch the hit video for “Chegou o Verão.” Like a sunset perfectly ends a hot summer day, that video clip crowns this production. O Canto da Sereia is most definitely an album to take with you on a road trip, a pool party and anywhere where lively music is required. It is light and with some highly danceable tracks. Listen to the siren’s song.

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O Canto da Sereia
EMI 873581 0 (2005)
Time: 43’11”


  1. Chegou o Verão (André Lopes – Capitão América)
  2. No Shopping com Você (Dito – Carlinhos Marques)
  3. Vem de Lá (Átila)
  4. Vou Tirar de Letra ( Moraes Moreira)
  5. Pensando em Você (Moska)
  6. Fecha a Porta (Claudio Rabello – Dalto)
  7. As Quatro e Meia (4:30 AM) (Obie Bermudez – Stephane Bertrand – vs: Claudio Rabello)
  8. Notícias (Marina Lima – Dalto – Claudio Rabello)
  9. Pula, Pula (Salto de Sapato) (Capinam – Macalé)
  10. A Festa Já Começou (Sérgio Sá)
  11. Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai (Ivan Lins – Vítor Martins)
  12. Tatuagem (Chico Buarque – Ruy Guerra)
  13. Bonus video: Chegou o Verão (André Lopes – Capitão América)