Feb 24 2005

Gerli & Haroldo Goldfarb: O Lirismo de Paulinho Tapajos

A Time of Lyrical Beauty


O Lirismo de Paulinho TapajósCertain songs become part of our lives quite naturally. How many of us have recalled an entire period of our lives simply by hearing one song? It is quite common. When it comes to the music of Paulinho Tapajós (Rio de Janeiro, 1945), it is no exaggeration to say he has been a part of the Brazilian memory since the late 1960s. His songs have provided the background to many romances in Brazilian primetime soap operas (novelas) as well as real life stories. Gerli and Haroldo Goldfarb made an excellent choice when they decided to make O Lirismo de Paulinho Tapajós. With Gerli’s gentle and soaring vocals accompanied by Haroldo’s able piano solos and arrangements, the music performed here is a trip down memory lane for anyone who lived in Brazil especially during the 1970s and 1980s.

Paulinho TapajósPaulinho Tapajós is a talented song writer who has been making great music all his life. When in 1968 one of his songs was first recorded (“Madrugada,” sung by Magda), it marked the beginning of a long-standing and successful career that is still very active today. In the 1970s his name was associated with some of the most watched Brazilian TV programs. He wrote themes for some major productions at Globo TV network. It is from that time that we find his signature in songs for Irmãos Coragem (beautifully performed in this album), A Próxima Atração, Assim na Terra como no Céu and many others. He also took part in several musical festivals in Brazil at that time. It was in the IV International Song Festival that he was awarded the first place both in the national and international portions of that festival with the hit “Cantiga por Luciana,” which is also present in this album. And the string of hits goes on and on.

Gerli & Harold GoldfarbIn O Lirismo de Paulinho Tapajós, the Goldfarbs not only pay tribute to this music icon with classic performances, but they also give future generations a glimpse of Brazilian life in music. Haroldo Goldfarb plays all keyboards and is also joined at times by Julio Brau (viola caipira, acoustic guitar), Anderson Rocha (electric bass), Dino da Costa (percussion). Background vocals are sung by Nena Araújo and Rose Araújo. As a very special guest, Paulinho Tapajós himself adds his participation in “Coisas do Coração.” Singing these beautiful melodies and rich lyrics we have Gerli Goldfarb with a voice as crystal clear as a natural mountain stream. Each track is arranged with meticulous care and highlights Tapajós lyrical side with all the attention that it deserves.

The poetry in Tapajós music is warm, simple and profound. He talks about comfortable old shoes (“Sapato Velho”), trolley cars from forgotten times (“Tempo dos Quintais”) and hearts in love (“Coisas do Coração”). The uplifting theme in “Irmãos Coragem” is presented here in a very slow arrangement, contrasting with the original fast rendition from the Brazilian soap opera. The result is strong and very positive. The words in the song echo deep. Track after track the listener is taken by a storm of beautiful emotions. At times one can almost lose oneself in this beautiful poetry.

O Lirismo de Paulinho Tapajós is a well deserved tribute to a song writer who has given Brazilians the soundtrack of their lives. Gerli and Haroldo Goldfarb gave us a gold mine in this beautiful labor of love.

To learn more about Paulinho Tapajós, you can visit his web site. You can also hear sound bites from the album here.



Gerli e Haroldo Goldfarb
O Lirismo de Paulinho Tapajós
Dabliú DB 0110 (2003)
Time: 36’59”


  1. Escrava (Edmundo Souto – Bororó – Paulinho Tapajós)
  2. Sapato Velho (Cláudio Nucci – Mu Carvalho – Paulinho Tapajós)
  3. Tempo dos Quintais (Sivuca – Paulinho Tapajós)
  4. Coisas do Coração (Mu Carvalho – Paulinho Tapajós)
  5. Coração Vadio (Cláudio Nucci – Paulinho Tapajós)
  6. Irmãos Coragem (Nonato Buzar – Paulinho Tapajós)
  7. Cantiga por Luciana (Edmundo Souto – Paulinho Tapajós)
  8. Braço de Violão (Raul Ewangler – Paulinho Tapajós)
  9. Reencontro (Edmundo Souto – Paulinho Tapajós)
  10. Sol e Chuva (Cartola – Paulinho Tapajós)