Sep 23 2002

Fernanda Abreu: Entidade Urbana



Entidade UrbanaThis Carioca girl (born September 8th, 1961) grew up in a more than average environment: house with a swimming pool near Jardim Botânico in Rio. Not many problems. Took ballet lessons at 9; went to study architecture at UFRJ; got bored and switched to Sociology at PUC. That’s when her life took a sharp turn. In 1981 she found herself a nice job as vocalist in the disco band Blitz, until the group split in 1986. Than she decided to take singing and guitar lessons in order to start a solo career. In 1990 her first solo album (SLA Radical Dance Disco Club) was produced by Herbert Vianna (whom she had met before in Buenos Aires, where both Paralamas and Blitz appeared).

This Entidade Urbana is her fifth solo album. The CD was recorded very soon after her second baby girl Alice was born, and according to the vocalist, the baby was always there with her in the studio. So maybe that’s why this turned out to be such a hip and urban CD. Dedicated to city life, all songs are co-written by Fernanda. “Urbano Canibal” is co-written with Lenine. His spirit is all over the song. “Roda Que Se Mexe” shines with a surprising appearance of the eccentric João Donato on clavinet and rhodes piano. Gilberto Gil joins on acoustic guitar and vocals in this song as well (also appearing are Davi Moraes, Jamil Joanes and Marcos Suzano). Since this is funky dance music, there’s a lot of use of the electronic drum machine. Not my favorite at all. But there is always Marcos Suzano adding percussion, and that’s a joy on its own! Fernanda AbreuOther featured musicians are William Magalhães and Liminha, two pioneers in this funky area. Most songs are like the others (which is usual in this kind of music, I guess), although “Meu CEP É o Seu” has a nice instrumentation with Jorge Hélder on the acoustic bass and João Barone (Paralamas) on the drums. Fernanda isn’t bothered sharing her visions as a Carioca about São Paulo on “São Paulo-SP”:

Megacidade da América do Sul. Parente urbana de um clube de cidades gigantescas. Priminhas entre si totalmente poluídas com excessiva humanidade.

“Paisagem de Amor” is a beautiful ballad to end the CD. Over all, it is a pleasant “samba-rap” CD, fun to listen to. Fernanda must be a joy to see live in concert, with this danceable music.



Fernanda Abreu
Entidade Urbana
EMI 7243 5 28232 2 2 ( 2000)
Time: 45’39”


  1. Sou da Cidade (Rodrigo Campello – Liminha – Fernanda Abreu)
  2. Baile da Pesada (Rodrigo Maranhão – Fernanda Abreu)
  3. Roda Que se Mexe (Rodrigo Campello – Suely Mesquita – Fernanda Abreu)
  4. Eu Quero Sol (Liminha – Sofia Stein – Fernanda Abreu)
  5. Fatos e Fotos (Fernanda Abreu – Lucas Santtana)
  6. Zona Norte-Zona Sul (Fernando Vidal – Fernanda Abreu – Fausto Fawcett)
  7. São Paulo-SP (Liminha – Laufer – Fernanda Abreu – Fausto Fawcett)
  8. Meu CEP É o Seu (Rodrigo Campello – Fernanda Abreu)
  9. Urbano Canibal (Fernanda Abreu – Lenine)
  10. Megalópole-Cidade (Fernando Vidal – Fernanda Abreu – Fausto Fawcett)
  11. Paisagem de Amor (Marcelo Lobato – Fernanda Abreu – Fausto Fawcett)