Jun 23 2011

Fabiana Passoni: Naturalmente Brasil

A New Beginning


Naturalmente BrasilThis is only Fabiana Passoni’s second solo album, but to her it’s a new beginning. After her 2007 debut É Minha Vez (It’s My Turn), a lot happened in Fabiana’s life. A cancer survivor, Fabiana knows what living is, and in Naturalmente Brasil she sings about “getting back up again and fighting for life and living happily.” Naturalmente Brasil is a journey of Fabiana’s come back.

Produced by Dirk Freymuth, who also co-wrote several of the tracks in the album, the CD presents all original tracks Fabiana wrote right after some of her last chemotherapy sessions. Looking into a mirror one day she saw abundant life ahead of her and penned the lyrics to “Natural,” one of the tracks featured in the album. The song praises the healing powers of water. With its nice samba swing beat and a captivating horn arrangement, “Natural” cleanses the soul and lifts all spirits. The percussion interlude in the track is another plus in this arrangement.

Fabiana Passoni is backed up by a wonderful group of musicians who help her share her music passion and songs with her listeners. Some of those musicians include Dirk Freymuth on guitar and keyboards, Kleber Jorge on acoustic guitar and cavaquinho, Wayne Jones on Fender Rhodes and piano, Enrique Toussaint on bass, Mike Shapiro on drums, Octavio Bailley on acoustic bass and Meia Noite on percussion, among several others.

The opener, “Esse João,” introduces Fabiana singing about everyday topics and people. The simplicity of her lyrics combined with catchy melodies set the mood for Naturalmente Brasil. “Esse João” is that guy in your neighborhood who is broke and a womanizer. He’s clearly someone to run away from and avoid at all costs. Common characters such as João and Maria appear in Fabiana’s songs throughout the album. “Maria das Fofocas” furthers that proposition. It’s about a woman named Maria who enjoys gossiping. Fabiana PassoniEven when one thinks there is nothing to gossip about, Maria finds something to talk about. Another everyday character present here is the guy who works in the coffee shop, “Torradeiro.” He is probably also there in your own neighborhood coffee shop. A simple man, the “torradeiro” does more than roasting coffee beans. He is a jack-of-all-trades who also heats up passion with his winning smile. Contrary to João in the first track, the torradeiro has many qualities, some of which include being tall, handsome and a good lover.

Besides sambas and swings, Naturalmente Brasil also features other genres, such as the two forró-influenced tracks, “Não” and “Baiamor,” and the Flamenco “Ó Vida Ó Céus.” That track features Adam del Monte’s Flamenco guitar in superb solos. The Flamenco feel is beautiful and combines nicely with the lyrics about Brazilians always having hope, no matter what.

The album would not be complete without soulful Bossas, such as “Quem Sou Eu” and “Última Chance.” The former features Wayne Jones on piano and a tight bass, drums, guitars and percussion accompaniment. Does time really heal all wounds? Life goes on even without you, as the song beautifully praises. In “Última Chance,” the taste of goodbyes is hard to take. A lover is torn between two people. Once again, Wayne’s soft piano solos are heartbreaking along with Fabiana’s fervent vocals.

Naturalmente Brasil continues the promise in Fabiana Passoni’s career. She is a passionate singer and songwriter who understands everyday life and characters. That is a good path to follow and connect her with her fans.

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Fabiana Passoni
Naturalmente Brasil
Independent (2011)
Time: 49’28”


  1. Esse João (Hector Contreras – Fabiana Passoni – Dirk Freymuth)
  2. Maria das Fofocas (Hector Contreras – Fabiana Passoni – Dirk Freymuth)
  3. Natural (Hector Contreras – Fabiana Passoni – Dirk Freymuth)
  4. Não (Fabiana Passoni – Lico Candeias)
  5. Baby I’ll Be Back (Lazzo Matumbi)
  6. Baiamor (Fabiana Passoni – Lico Candeias)
  7. Ó Vida Ó Céus (Fabiana Passoni)
  8. Quem Sou Eu (Hector Contreras – Fabiana Passoni)
  9. Te Amo Sem Querer (Fabiana Passoni – Lico Candeias)
  10. Terça-Feira (Hector Contreras – Fabiana Passoni)
  11. Última Chance (Paulinho Pereira – Fabiana Passoni)
  12. Torradeiro (Hector Contreras – Fabiana Passoni)
  13. Vou Virar Hippie (Fabiana Passoni)