Sep 07 2004

Eugênio Leandro: Além das Frentes

With special guests Jacques Morelenbaum and Mauro Senise


Além das FrentesIn 1986 Eugênio Leandro released the album Além das Frentes during a national meeting of medical students in Fortaleza. The initial release was 6,000 copies. In 1990, the album had already sold over 10,000 copies and took him on tour throughout Brazil. He also traveled to the U.S.A. (sponsored by Partners of the Americas) and performed in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Indiana, Illinois and New York.

Produced by Leandro himself and arranged by Tarcísio José de Lima (except “Inverno,” which was arranged by Nara Vasconcelos), Além das Frentes gives listeners a good introduction to Leandro’s captivating music and tender vocals. The band here is comprised of Leandro on acoustic guitar, Nilton Fiore on percussion, Nara Vasconcelos on piano, Nilton Rodrigues on flugelhorn and a few others on strings. There are also special appearances by Jacques Morelenbaum (cello), Mauro Senise (sax, flute) and Oswaldinho (accordion) in several tracks.

Além das Frentes
introduces several themes present in Leandro’s songbook. He brings to life the landscape of his home land while focusing on the human aspect of the characters he sings about, as is the case of “Maria e Marquim,” which he dedicated to the great popular poet Patativa do Assaré (1909 – 2002). Leandro’s music sometimes echoes a madrigal or chamber sound, e.g., “Divagando” and “Vento Aracati,” with Morelenbaum’s cello solos being a focal point in the instrumentation. In this album Leandro wrote all music, but at times he had the collaboration of a few lyricists, most notably Oswald Barroso.

With Patativa do Assaré



Eugênio Leandro 
Além das Frentes 
Independent (1986)
Time: 26’37”


  1. Trem Latino (Eugênio Leandro – Rosemberg Cariry)
  2. Sete Lembranças (Antônio Tadeu – Oswald Barroso)
  3. Paisagem (Eugênio Leandro)
  4. Divagando (Eugênio Leandro – Oswald Barroso)
  5. Inverno (Eugênio Leandro – Antônio Tadeu)
  6. Vento Aracati (Eugênio Leandro – Oswald Barroso)
  7. Maria e Marquim (Ao Amigo Patativa) (Eugênio Leandro)
  8. Além das Frentes (Eugênio Leandro)
  9. Consolança (Eugênio Leandro – Oswald Barroso)
  10. Cirandeira (Eugênio Leandro – Oswald Barroso)