Apr 07 2011

Eugênio Leandro: À Hora Dos Magos

Peer Recognition



À Hora dos MagosAwards are nice, critical acclaim adds to an artist’s recognition, but there is not likely a better accolade than when your peers pay tribute to your work. That is precisely the case with Eugênio Leandro‘s latest instrumental album, À Hora dos Magos.

For listeners used to Eugênio’s songs, this album will prove an invigorating departure from the lyrical poetry in his verses. Here the melodies are the focus, and with an impressive array of musicians performing them, the end result is fantastic. Some of the best exponents in Brazilian instrumental music are featured in excellent renditions.

The album opens with Eugênio’s 1986 Além das Frentes’ “Consolança” featuring Ricardo Silveira (guitar), Jorge Helder (arrangement, bass and acoustic guitar) and Jurim Moreira (drums). Also from the same album and included here is “Vento Aracati,” with arrangement by Roberto Stephenson (also on sax and flute) featuring Nilton Rodrigues on trumpet and flugelhorn and Adelson Viana on piano and accordion. Of course no Eugênio Leandro collection would be complete without “Catavento,” from his 1990 album. In this instrumental arrangement, Márcio Resende (flutes and sax) and Cathrin Pfeifer (accordion) share the main solos in this classic Eugênio composition. From A Cor Mais Bonita (1995), three songs are performed in this album: “Tonta Saudade,” “Pelo Que Me Consta” and “Brasil de Dentro.” Those tracks well represent the multiplicity in Eugênio’s musical world. Maestro Alfredo Barros put it best when he said that Eugênio’s music allows us to see beyond our regional dusk and dawn colors as well as the Brazilian music diversity from “Mediterranean, American, Iberian, Moorish and African worlds.”

Six previously unreleased compositions are also in the repertoire in À Hora dos Magos. For example, “Claritiana” is a beautiful melody with Carlinhos Patriolino’s arrangement giving emphasis to his mandolin solo and acoustic guitar along with Tito Freitas on keyboards (Tito also contributed to the arrangement).

Eugenio Leandro, Nonato Luiz, Adelson Viana, Jorge Helder

The title track, “À Hora dos Magos,” brings in the great acoustic guitarist Nonato Luiz, who also reprises his guitar solos in “Gangorra.” In their first partnership as songwriters in “À Hora dos Magos,” Eugênio and Nonato present us with a lovely slow waltz with a subtle blending of classic and popular styles.

À Hora dos Magos provides new listeners with a world of opportunities to discover the magic in Eugênio Leandro’s music through artistic performances that are as varied as his guest list. For Eugênio’s fans, the magic is reborn in instrumental renditions of his classics and new material.



Eugênio Leandro 
À Hora dos Magos 
Independent (2009)
Time: 47’36”


All tracks by Eugênio Leandro, except where noted.

  1. Consolança (Eugênio Leandro – Oswald Barroso) – Jorge Helder, Ricardo Silveira & Jurim Moreira
  2. Claritiana – Carlinho Patriolino & Tito Freitas
  3. À Hora dos Magos (Eugênio Leandro – Nonato Luiz) – Nonato Luiz
  4. Tonta Saudade – Lifanco & Carlinhos Ferreira
  5. O Tempo Se Forma (Eugênio Leandro – Antonio José Forte) – Antonio José Forte
  6. Benfica 27º – Rafael Torres, Souza & Marcio Resende
  7. Pelo Que Me Consta – Jorge Helder, Ricardo Silveira & Jurim Moreira
  8. Libânia – Camerata Contemporânea de Fortaleza
  9. Gangorra – Nonato Luiz
  10. Vento Aracati (Eugênio Leandro – Oswald Barroso) – Roberto Stepheson, Nilton Rodrigues, Adelson Viana & Tarcisio Sardinha
  11. Brasil de Dentro – Marcos Maia & Camerata Contemporânea de Fortaleza
  12. Catavento (Eugênio Leandro – Oswald Barroso) – Jabuti, Cathrin Pfeifer & Marcio Resende