Sep 07 2004

Eugênio Leandro: A Cor Mais Bonita

Colors of the Dawn, Sea and Backlands



A Cor Mais BonitaIn 1995 Leandro released A Cor Mais Bonita (already on CD). Initially released independently, the CD soon received national distribution via Kuarup. In addition to that, Leandro was also featured in the compilation Cantorias e Cantadores, which also included Cida Moreira, Renato Teixeira and Xangai.

One constant presence in Eugênio Leandro’s releases is his affinity to the natural sounds of violas and acoustic guitars. Here again we find Manassés on the 12-string viola and cavaquinho as well as the incomparable guitarist Nonato Luiz. In addition to them, two other guests are featured in A Cor Mais Bonita. Paulinho Pedra Azul (voice, acoustic guitar) and Waldonys (accordion) are featured in “Voarás.”

The on-going themes of “sertão” (the backlands), the dawn and the ocean resurface over and over again in beautiful melodies and touching poetry. The title track highlights the beauty of a serene morning as the dawn paints with golden highlights the vast skies. Another beautiful poem is found in “Boas Vindas.” Besides Nonato Luiz’s guitar accompaniment, the verses are simply gorgeous:

Eu moro onde tudo é fácil
Tão perto do paraíso

Só falta um dia chegar
A graça do teu sorriso.

I live where everything is easy
So close to paradise

The only thing missing is the day
Your smile shines on me.

A Cor Mais Bonita

Kuarup CD cover edition

The lovely tribute to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, “Canoa Quebrada,” features lyrics by renowned poet Rogaciano Leite. Continuing the same thread of praising Brazil’s natural wonders, “Brasil de Dentro” takes the listener on a trip from the Amazon with its giant water lilies through the arid northeast and the richness of central Brazil. Whether traveling by steam locomotive (“Presente”) or flying on the wings of a hummingbird (“Voarás”), Leandro delivers touching renditions of the songs he sings.



Eugênio Leandro 
A Cor Mais Bonita 
Cataventus 110.027 (1995)
Time: 36’11”

Kuarup KCD-097 (1995)
Time: 36’07


  1. A Cor Mais Bonita (Abidoral Jamacaru – Chico Chaves)
  2. As Ondas Imensas do Mar (Eugênio Leandro)
  3. Ela Me Disse (Eugênio Leandro)
  4. Boas Vindas (Luís Sérgio – Nonato Luiz)
  5. Pelo Que Me Consta (Eugênio Leandro)
  6. Canoa Quebrada (Rogaciano Leite – Eugênio Leandro)
  7. Brasil de Dentro (Eugênio Leandro)
  8. Tonta Saudade (Eugênio Leandro)
  9. Presente (Rosemberg Cariry – Eugênio Leandro)
  10. Voarás (Paulinho Pedra Azul) – w/ Paulinho Pedra Azul
  11. O Dado (Eugênio Leandro – Chico Pio) – w/ Chico Pio