Sep 23 2008

El Niño: El Niño

Shared Fun


El NiñoThe name Flávio “Teco” Padaratz won’t ring too many bells with Brazilian music lovers outside Brazil. Nevertheless, Teco is nothing less than world famous, not as a musician but as professional surfer. A very successful international career ended after more than a decade in 2003. From the city of Blumenau (Santa Catarina, in Brazil’s south) the 37-year-old Teco now tries his luck in the music scene. When he was introduced to multi-instrumentalist and enthusiastic amateur surfer Christiaan Oyens, it was clear that he found his partner in music. As an ardent singer, Teco Padaratz already had some ideas about the songs when they started to do an album together.

It’s Teco’s debut as singer, while Christiaan Oyens underlines his reputation as multi instrumentalist on drums, guitars, vocals and his big friend, the Weissenborn Hawaiian laptop steel guitar. A few strategically chosen musicians were also invited: the solid Dunga on bass and guitarist Marcos Ciampolini. Other participating musicians are the wonderful Cecília Spyer and Helen Calaça who both add vocals. Humberto Barros demonstrates his friendly humming sound on the Hammond organ (“Responsible”). The lovely percussionist Jadna Zimmermann can be heard on the opening “Espírito do Mar.” Oyens & PadaratzGuitarist Fabricio Matos helps out on a few tracks, just as bassists André Rodrigues and Lancaster. Very special guest is Armandinho (guitar and vocals) on “Old Mind.” The musical result is unpretentious fun. Catchy pop tunes, friendly lyrics (a few in English) and decent musicianship.

Teco Padaratz has a pleasant voice that perfectly fits the entertaining music. Among the highlights is the swaying pop ballad “Quase Sem Rumo” that’s immersed in the characteristic sounds of the Leslie and Hawaiian guitars. Also tracks like “Melodia,” “Sem Medo de Errar,” the bluesy “Furacão,” “Responsible” and “Pés na Areia” are songs with a serious hit potential.

Chris Oyens and Teco Padaratz clearly had fun recording the album. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this cd, it’s loaded with songs that can easily conquer the sunny beaches of Brazil and far beyond.



El Niño
El Niño
MZA Music MZA026 (2008)
Time: 43’37”


  1. Espírito do Mar (Chris Oyens – Teco Padaratz – Marco Portinari)
  2. Quase Sem Rumo (Chris Oyens – Teco Padaratz – Marco Portinari)
  3. Silêncio do Mundo (Teco Padaratz – Chris Oyens)
  4. Old Mind (Armandinho – Teco Padaratz)
  5. Melodia (Teco Padaratz – Ary Ciampolini – Chris Oyens)
  6. Sem Medo de Errar (Chris Oyens – Teco Padaratz)
  7. Ano de Fé (Teco Padaratz – Neco Padaratz – Chris Oyens – Marcos Ciampolini)
  8. Furacão (Chris Oyens – Teco Padaratz)
  9. Responsible (Teco Padaratz – Marcos Ciampolini – Chris Oyens)
  10. Ficar (Chris Oyens)
  11. Pés na Areia (Teco Padaratz – Marcos Ciampolini)
  12. Heaven to Me (Chris Oyens)