Nov 23 2011

Dori Caymmi: Poesia Musicada

Musically Poetic


Poesia MusicadaWhen you have had a songwriting partner for over 42 years (and counting!), it is only natural that new music flows almost effortlessly. Such is the case of Poesia Musicada, Dori Caymmi’s latest release (out on November 21, 2011). The album genesis is as poetic as the music we hear. In reality, it all began when Dori found an old poem written by Brazilian master Paulo César Pinheiro, “Rede.” Dori says, “right there I saw a song, so I wrote it,” and twelve more followed that in just the short span of a month!

Dori Caymmi is a gifted singer, guitarist, composer, arranger and producer born into one of Brazil’s most musically talented family (more biographical notes here). With over a dozen solo albums, several TV, theatre and movie scores, and countless participations and productions in other artists’ albums worldwide, Dori brings with him a wealth of musical expertise. Both in Brazil and abroad, he has won top prizes, ranging from the Brazilian International Song Festival in 1966 and including Grammy nominations in World Music (Brazilian Serenata, 1991), best arrangement (“Pink Panther,” Cinema, a Romantic Vision, 2000) and a Latin Grammy award for Best Samba Album (Para Caymmi, de Nana, Dori e Danilo, 2004) among dozens of other prestigious awards. The other half of Poesia Musicada is Paulo César Pinheiro (Rio de Janeiro, 1949), considered one of Brazil’s most celebrated songwriters with over 2,000 songs written and hundreds of those still waiting to be recorded. A partner of Dori Caymmi’s since 1969, when they first penned “Evangelho,” Paulo is a gifted songwriter with several recordings of his own, too.

Dori CaymmiPoesia Musicada is a tribute to the memory of Dorival Caymmi. This is Dori’s most introspective album since his 1997 Tome Conta do Meu Filho, Que Eu Também Já Fui do Mar…, an all Dorival Caymmi CD. It is, of course, most befitting that “Marinheiragem” opens this collection. After all, Dorival Caymmi was very well known for his songs about the ocean and life by the sea. A song about two lovers on a full moon lit beach, “Marinheiragem” could easily be considered one of Dorival’s own praieira songs. In the first notes we hear, Teco Cardoso’s flute solo is reminiscent of other songs Dori had written for the classic Brazilian soap opera Gabriela. A slow baião, “Marinheiragem” is one of the many beautiful songs we hear along recurring themes of ocean, tide, waves, wind, a brunette woman, Iemanjá, boats, sadness, palm trees, beauty and love. Paulo César Pinheiro’s accurate depiction of these various scenes only enhances the beauty of this album. With lyrics such as “I’ve lost myself, morena, for loving you more than I could” (“Estrela de Cinco Pontas”), Paulo’s poems in Dori’s wistful renditions are incredibly touching and profound. Paulo is able to capture simple scenes with such incredible force. In “Rede,” for example, the simple reflection of the moonlight on a wall becomes a “waterfall cascading down the wall.” Majestic and what a most beautiful sight in words! This is another of those love songs that haunt you all day long.

Poesia Musicada teaches us through songs what Iemanjá looks like. This enchanted woman carrying a hand mirror turns into the Queen of the Seas in your heart, Paulo’s lyrics echo in Dori’s heartfelt singing. In the toada “Violeiro,” we are presented with the man who brings “hope to those in despair,” the guitar player who sings “clear words where there was nothing.” All of these alluring melodies and lyrics come to life in Dori Caymmi’s inimitable renditions.

In rounding this must-have album, we have a superb team of musicians playing along with Dori on acoustic guitar and vocals. Dori is accompanied by Sizão Machado (bass), Teco Cardoso (flutes), Toninho Ferragutti (accordion), Luciana Rabello and Ana Rabello (cavaquinho), Julião Pinheiro (7-string guitar), Michael Shapiro and Paulinho da Costa (percussion), Vana Bock and Julio Cerezo Ortiz (cellos). Poesia Musicada is an album to experience in quiet times when your soul is ready to embark in unforgettable journeys.

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Dori Caymmi
Poesia Musicada
MusicTaste 1001 (2011)
Time: 42’32”


All songs by Dori Caymmi & Paulo César Pinheiro.

  1. Marinheiragem
  2. Estrela de Cinco Pontas
  3. Rede
  4. Dona Iemanjá
  5. Violeiro
  6. Projeto de Vida
  7. Vereda
  8. Canto Praieiro
  9. Velho do Mar (Meu Pai)
  10. Barco
  11. Estrela Verde
  12. Música no Ar
  13. Estrela Polar