Jun 22 2003

Davi Moraes: Papo Macaco


A Musical Evolution

Papo MacacoPapo Macaco marks the evolution of the path of life from Davi Moraes from beginning to play music, via performing until composing and recording. This musical evolution of the tall musician passed many stations. It began at an early age, when at home he enjoyed the presence of various musicians visiting his father, the illustrious Moraes Moreira. Things started off when he picked up the cavaquinho. His musical education continued when he was taken under the wings of the late great Almir Chediak, who is rudely taken away from us. Moraes became a much sought after guitarists for many Brazilian stars on tour and in the studio. He toured with Marisa Monte (who was also his girlfriend during five years) and recently with Caetano Veloso. American Brazilian Arto Lindsay soon recognized Moraes’s talents (via Marisa Monte) and invited Davi to play the acoustic guitar on his 1997 album Noon Chill. Also the 2002 release Invoke finds Davi Moraes on the play list. This time also as a drummer, while sharing composition credits on two songs. In between touring and recording dates during the past two years, Davi Moraes kept himself extra busy with this project, which he decided to call Papo Macaco.

Davi MoraesIt’s an interesting album on which all the musical influences that crossed his path are gratefully digested. Including a strong emphasis on Afoxé, the Candomblé related music, and funk. The wordless opening track “Papo Macaco” creates a deep and blunt funk around a strong beat. A good opener for the catchy funk on “Na Massa,” co-written by Arnaldo Antunes, who already recorded it on his Paradeiro album (2001). The arrangement reminds in some ways of Davi’s work with Arto Lindsay on “You Decide” (from the Invoke cd). Davi Moreira’s present partner in life, Ivete Sangalo, joins Marya Bravo in the backing vocals. Davi clearly benefited from her vocal capabilities. A crazy rhythm and bass line open “Via Lapa” that carries the border-crossing funk influences by co-writer Carlinhos Brown. “Rational Culture” turns out to be a hot burning funk groove. Cesinha on drums holds down the groove, while guitar riffs try to escape that steadiness. Scandalous funk!

“Ça-Va” has Armandinho on the bandolim, an old Novos Baianos colleague of Moraes Moreira, and someone Davi tried to imitate on his cavaquinho when he was very young. It gives a familiar sound to the song, where for the first time one definitely recognizes the voice of Moraes Moreira in Davi’s singing. It strikes, too, on the next couple of songs on the cd. The pleasant “Bom Rapaz” and the sound stuffed “Abra a Boca.” “Papai Oxóssi” is a dedication to the Candomblé ritual. Written by son and father Moraes, who also participates with the vocals. Unfortunately the arrangement gets bogged down a bit towards the end. “Dentro da Minha Cabeça” is immersed in a playful funk, which makes it one of the highlights on this album. The simple melody and lyrics make it easy to direct one’s attention to the sheer fun this piece of music creates. Cesinha shines again on the drums, João Fera does his thing on the organ while the rest is done by a sharp horn section, including the mood setting baritone sax by Alexander Caldi. Lucas Santtana’s “Ilê É Bom” ends this album with a rather active arrangement, where, once again, it strikes that the more danceable the music threatens to be, the more sophisticated that arrangements gets…

This cd proves the mature attitude towards music from a musician who attentively absorbed and uses all the opportunities he was given during his rich musical “evolution.” A promising solo debut.


Davi Moraes
Papo Macaco
Mercury Universal 04400188252 (2002)
Time: 41’04”


  1. Papo Macaco (Davi Moraes – Peu Meurrahy)
  2. Na Massa (Davi Moraes – Arnaldo Antunes)
  3. Via Lapa (Arnaldo Antunes – Carlinhos Brown – Davi Moraes)
  4. Rational Culture (Tim Maia Racional) Música Incidental: “Eu te Adoro” (Tim Maia)
  5. Favela (Davi Moraes – Quito Ribeiro – Lucas Santtana)
  6. Ça Va (Leonardo Reis – Jurandy Costa – Quito Ribeiro – Davi Moraes)
  7. Bom Rapaz (Leonardo Reis – Jurandy Costa – Raff Mirarchi)
  8. Abra a Boca (Lucas Santtana – Davi Moraes – Quito Ribeiro)
  9. Papai Oxóssi ( Moraes Moreira – Davi Moreira)
  10. Dentro da Minha Cabeça (Gerônimo – Lula Queiroz)
  11. Ilê É Bom (Lucas Santtana)