Jun 15 2007

Cidade Negra: Direto


Twenty Years of Fun


DiretoFor 20 years the guys from Cidade Negra succeed to fill the house and deliver a perfect show, leaving behind a happy and satisfied crowd. The two decades are of course the perfect alibi to go on the road, sing some of the hit songs, add a few new ones, record the show and release it on cd as well as on dvd. The band from one of Rio’s lesser famed neighborhoods (Baixada Fluminense) is not the first one to do that, but according to their long time success, they certainly deserve this opportunity. In front of a grateful home town audience, the band made a big party of it (Fundição Progresso, Rio de Janeiro; April 4th, 2006).

Over the years the four band members perfectly learned how to mix their infectious reggae influenced music with a cool show. Bassist Bino Farias gently swings around on the stage, making his long hair dance through the air. He proves to be a fantastic bassist with a nice deep groove. Drummer Lazão lays down such a serious reggae beat that it results in enthusiast dancing aspirations from the crowd pleasing singer Toni Garrido. Guitarist Da Gama plays the roll of a Keith Richards: extremely cool plucking his guitar with an introvert but self secure grimace on his face. The band is surrounded by a few permanent guest musicians. Very special mention is deserved by guitarist Sergio Yasbek. His work is absolutely fabulous; no nonsense straight in the face solos certainly give the music more body. Bino FariasEverything he does sounds just great. On various keyboards is Alex Meireles while DJ Cristiano Dubmaster adds in sampled sounds and scratches.  Unfortunately in a few songs the work of the DJ is mixed far too much in the foreground. Especially in one of the albums best tracks “Você Que Não Acredita,” where it’s annoyingly up fronted mixed, ruining the listening pleasure during another fabulous guitar solo. But the overall impression is that of a fantastic overview of the career of one of Rio’s most popular bands.

They know who they got their inspiration from and invited some of their examples on stage. First there’s Paralamas do Sucesso.  The legendary trio performs a medley of two huge hits, “Soldado da Paz” and “La Bella Luna,” also referring to “A Novidade.” Toni Garrido shows a touching sensitivity when he respectfully sits down on a stage monitor when he sings with Herbert Vianna, instead of dancing across the stage.  It’s funny how like minded the two drummers (Lazão and João Barone) perform. Bassist Bino Farias clearly enjoys being on stage with Bi Ribeiro, the Paralamas bassist who loves reggae. Pop star Lulu Santos is the other guest musician who had a huge influence on the band. He joins in on the huge hit “Sábado à Noite.”

The evening was one big party of fun and dancing, luckily recorded for the fans that were not there. The dvd version can be preferred since it’s fun to watch the show and because it includes nine more live songs (among which second participations by Paralamas and Lulu Santos).



Cidade Negra
Sony BMG 82876858182 (2006)
Time: 75’19”


All songs composed by Cidade Negra (Toni Garrido, Da Gama, Lazão and Bino Farias), except where noted.

  1. A Sombra da Maldade (Toni Garrido – Da Gama)
  2. A Flecha e o Vulcão
  3. Pensamento (Ras Bernardo – Da Gama – Lazão – Bino Farias)
  4. Doutor
  5. B. Boys
  6. Girassol (Cidade Negra – Pedro Luís)
  7. Palavras Cortam mais que Navalha (Cidade Negra – André Derizans)
  8. Bamba
  9. Soldado da Paz (Herbert Vianna) / La Bela Luna (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone – Gilberto Gil)
  10. Hoje
  11. Já Foi
  12. Realidade Virtual
  13. Você Que Não Acredita
  14. Sábado à Noite (Lulu Santos)
  15. A Estrada
  16. O Paraíso Tem um Tempo Bom (Liminha – Toni Garrido  – Lazão – Bino Farias)
  17. O Tempo Tá Passando (Liminha)
  18. Negro Rei (Marcelo Barbosa – Nil Bernardes – Bozzo Barretti)