Feb 12 2004

Chico Saraiva: Trégua

New Heights


TréguaWinner of the 6th Visa Award (2003) in the composer category, Chico Saraiva follows up his 1999 album Água with another gem entitled Trégua. Born in 1973, Saraiva shows with this new CD what an accomplished guitarist and composer he is. And when lyricists such as Luiz Tatit, Fausto Nilo and Celso Viáfora add words to Saraiva’s compositions, the result is exquisitely beautiful and memorable. From Villa-Lobos influences and visiting several Brazilian musical traditions — samba, bossa nova, maracatu, frevo, baião — Saraiva’s Trégua is a nice release. His guest list in the album includes Gilson Peranzzetta (piano), Zeca Assumpção (bass), Mauro Senise (flute) and Proveta (sax), not to mention the guest vocalists who bring more enchantment and pleasure to the 14 compositions in the album.

Chico SaraivaAfter the soft instrumental opening track, “Três Tardes de Lua,” Ceumar sings the title track, a marcha-rancho with a slow frevo tempo and a delicious Carnaval beat. One unforgettable moment in the album is the duet between Siba and Marcelo Pretto in “Baião do Tomás.” The melody is a mixture of baião and maracatu with the singers alternating the lyrics in the best “desafio” (challenge) style, very popular in the folkloric Brazilian northeastern tradition. The lush melody in “As Horas” is a beautiful seresta (love song performed with acoustic guitar) highlighted with Senise’s and Pontes’ flute and sax solos arranged by Gilson Peranzzetta. Clóvis Beznos’ lyrics sing the anguish of waiting hours after the end of a love affair. Ana Luíza’s voice is most fitting in this beautiful song. The duet between Saraiva and Swamy Jr. in “Lagarteando” is yet another good number. This time, though, the music is performed as a choro.

Trégua takes Chico Saraiva to new heights and proves what a great composer he is. For listeners, the album is a treasure that explores the Brazilian musical scene with superb musicianship. You can read more about Chico Saraiva in his web site.


Chico Saraiva
Eldorado 278412 (2003)
Time: 58’22”


  1. Três Tardes de Lua (Chico Saraiva)
  2. Trégua (Chico Saraiva – Luiz Tatit) – voice: Ceumar
  3. Incerteza (Chico Saraiva – Luiz Tatit) – voice: Simone Guimarães
  4. Ensaio (Chico Saraiva – Manu Lafer) – voice: Ná Ozzetti
  5. Baião do Tomás (Chico Saraiva – Luiz Tatit) – voices: Siba and Marcelo Pretto
  6. Os Olhos da Manhã (Chico Saraiva – Clóvis Beznos) – voice: Teresa Cristina
  7. As Horas (Chico Saraiva – Clóvis Beznos) – voice: Ana Luíza
  8. Lagarteando (Chico Saraiva)
  9. Aonde Você For (Chico Saraiva – Fausto Nilo) – voice: Luciana Alves
  10. Samba Pr’Alê Batucar (Chico Saraiva)
  11. Canto Pra Aurora (Chico Saraiva – Juçara Marçal) – with A Barca
  12. Antes de Você Me Aparecer (Chico Saraiva – Celso Viáfora) – voice: Ney Mesquita
  13. Lua dos Mares (Chico Saraiva – Luís Felipe Gama) – voice: Ana Luíza
  14. Conceição (Chico Saraiva)