Sep 06 2003

Ceumar: Sempre Viva!

A Creative Talent



Sempre Viva!Here’s a cd that offers well chosen, lesser known music, acoustically performed and sung by a crystal clear voiced singer, whose name “Ceumar” could have been an artistic reference: heaven and sea. Very lyrical and a justifying metaphor for her musical approach. When asked, Ceumar will reveal the truth of her name: it’s a combination of her father’s (Clélio) and mother’s (Wilmar) names. At home the young Ceumar was exposed to the music of artists like Milton Nascimento, Lô Borges, Clube da Esquina, Joyce and Boca Livre. When starting her own musical adventure, Ceumar tended to choose the less obvious road, not very eager to sing the songs “everybody” already sung before her. That was illustrated by her more or less first show, which she called “30 Músicas que você não ouve no rádio” (30 Songs you don’t hear on the radio and contained songs by Egberto Gismonti, A Barca do Sol, Hermeto Pascoal and others, instead of songs by Djavan, to name a much covered musician. However, she didn’t shy away from Djavan’s lesser known compositions. On her first well received cd Dindinha (1999), then 28-year-old Ceumar was assisted by Zeca Baleiro, who not only delivered songs to the album, but also produced it. On this second album the Itanhandú (Minas Gerais) born, but now São Paulo based singer, continues that road. This time producing her own cd and also making her debut as a composer. On Sempre Viva Ceumar moves on to the next thing, not on an outlined route, but more as an expression to where she stands now, what she wants to do, being the very creative talent.

CeumarThe album’s opener “Prenda Minha” shows her addiction to originality. The song is the debut as a composer of movie writer, actor Gero Camilo (acting in “City of God”). The basic instrumentation forms a beautiful accompaniment for Ceumar’s voice. The singer is on bass and Rogério Delayon on guitars, piano and a very modest use of sound effects. On “Boca da Noite” the lyrics are by Tata Fernandes and Chico César, while the music is Ceumar’s; their first partnership in composing. The accordion of Olivinho plays nostalgically around the melody. Another surprising choice is the song “O Seu Olhar” from the film “Bicho de Sete Cabeças.” The band’s arrangement features the cello by Fádio Tagliaferri, an astonishing performance. “Parede-Meia” sounds as if it was personally written for Ceumar. The singer pitiless appropriates this Kléber Albuquerque composition, perfectly fitting her exceptional voice, performed in her own playful way. “Outra Era” is a xote composed by Zeca Baleiro and Fagner. Ceumar voices the northeastern feelings of this dance in a wonderful way. The clarinet (Zezinho Pitoco) is supported by the cavaquinho of the ever present Webster Santos and Swami Jr’s 7-string acoustic guitar. The very subtle percussion is enough to make this another perfect performed song. Paulista Kléber Albuquerque’s composition “Joelmir Beting, A Canção” is a solo performance by Ceumar, voice and guitar. Referring to financial journalist Joelmir Beting, the song is an ironic view on the often predicted end of the world. Next, Ceumar pays tribute to her descent with the batuque “Onde Qué.” This Afro-Brazilian dance is performed with the help of members from the group Mulheres de Ilú; Girlei Miranda and Beth Beli. Sérgio Pererê is a member of the percussion band Tambololê from Minas Gerais and composer of this piece of traditional dance music. The lovely samba “Vira Lixo” finds Swami Jr on the 7-string guitar with percussion by Ari Colares. The voice of Ceumar gently expresses the bittersweet view on the transformation of life. Another delicious song is “Maravia,” with the virtuoso bassist Paulo Lepetit in the leading part. Ceumar ends the cd with another solo performance. “Rãzinha Blues” is a true blues, despite the high voice Ceumar uses here.

The approach on this album confirms Ceumar’s creative mind and sense for adventure, along with her remarkable clear voice and outstanding musicality. She confirms the general praise about her debut cd. An artist well worth following, since she seems to be able to move on, instead of looking back; the “sempre viva”-attitude!

In case of troubles finding this cd, you can always check Ceumar’s web site.



Sempre Viva! 
Elo Music Sony 241-161 (2003)
Time: 44’39”


  1. Prenda Minha (Gero Camilo)
  2. Boca da Noite (Ceumar – Chico César – Tata Fernandes)
  3. O Seu Olhar (Paulo Tatit – Arnaldo Antunes)
  4. Parede-Meia (Kléber Albuquerque)
  5. Outra Era (Fagner – Zeca Baleiro)
  6. Avesso (Ceumar – Alice Ruiz)
  7. Joelmir Beting, a Canção (Kléber Albuquerque)
  8. Onde Qué (Sérgio Pererê)
  9. Lá (Péri)
  10. Vira Lixo (Chico César – Suely Mesquita)
  11. Maravia (Dilú Mello – Jairo José)
  12. São Genésio (Tata Fernandes – Gero Camilo)
  13. Rãzinha Blues (Lony Rosa)