Sep 06 2006

Ceumar: Achou!

Keeping Up The Good Work



AchouSometimes things go as they have to go. When in 2005 Ceumar performed Dante Ozzetti’s composition “Achou!” during the Festival da TV Cultura, the most logical continuation was the release of a cd by the two pure musicians. Ceumar’s performance earned Ozzetti a silver medal at the Festival, which confirmed the musical link between the artists. The two had met during earlier occasions, but now it was clear that there should be a next step.

Composer, arranger and guitarist Dante Ozzetti (São Paulo, 1956) comes from a musical family. He produced and arranged the albums from his sister Ná Ozzetti, who at the same time is the main interpreter of Dante’s compositions. He’s also the brother of flutist Marta Ozzetti, whose work can be heard on Dante’s first cd Ultrapássaro (2001).

Ceumar is a singer from Itanhandú, in the south of Minas Gerais. She already has two delightful albums under her own name, Dindinha (2000) and Sempre Viva! (2003). Her clear voice and good taste for music also brought her festivals and concert invitations from Europe. Yet, everything seemed to calm down a bit, until now, with the release of a new cd and an upcoming tour in Europe later this year.

Ceumar & Dante OzzettiAfter the fruitful cooperation at the TV Cultura Festival, the enthusiasm to continue working together was enormous. All but four of the compositions for this album were written during a period of only two months (January and February 2006). Recording the music proved not to be difficult either. The acoustic instrumentation which Dante always has been faithful to also forms the best possible background for Ceumar’s voice. The band is formed around Dante’s acoustic nylon string guitar, Webster Santos (acoustic guitar), Milton Mori (mandolin), Du Moreira (bass) and percussionist Sérgio Reze.  Most of the compositions are provided with lyrics by Dante’s musical partner Luiz Tatit. Others are in partnership with illustrious artists like long time friends Zeca Baleiro (“Partidão”), Zélia Duncan (“Parei Querer”) and Chico César (“Saia Azul”). The beautiful blues ballad “Parte B,” written with Alzira Espíndola, features pianist Lincoln Antonio in an unpretentious trio setting (piano-bass-drums). The pianist also shines on the fragile “A Tardinha.” Among other guest musicians Swami Jr. can be heard on the 7-string guitar on the samba “Praga.” Dante Ozzetti joins Ceumar in the vocals of the rather complicated composition “Visões.” The albums closes with the joyful frevo “Lenha na Quentura” that is co-written with Kleber Albuquerque. Trombonist Bocato literally blows out the cd.

This album turns out to be a wonderful successor of Ceumar’s Sempre Viva! It reaches the same high artistic level, without any commercial compromise. Music in its purest form, made with an honest dedication.



Ceumar & Dante Ozzetti
MCD 358 (2006)
Time: 47’32”


All compositions by Dante Ozzetti and Luiz Tatit, except where noted.

  1. Pra Lá
  2. Partidão (Dante Ozzetti – Zeca Baleiro)
  3. Achou!
  4. Alguém Total
  5. Alto Mar
  6. Parei Querer (Dante Ozzetti – Zélia Duncan)
  7. Parte B (Dante Ozzetti – Alzira Espíndola)
  8. Saia Azul (Dante Ozzetti – Chico César)
  9. Visões
  10. A Tardinha
  11. Praga
  12. Lenha na Quentura (Dante Ozzetti – Kleber Albuquerque)