Jun 11 2010

Celso Fonseca: Voz e Violao



Voz e ViolãoA tireless Celso Fonseca is happily continuing his productive period. The singer, guitarist and composer from Rio de Janeiro pleases us with yet another album. His more than entertaining 2008 Ao Vivo featured his touring band. After an album with Marcos Valle (Página Central in 2009), Celso comes up with a very nice, also live recorded, successor for Ao Vivo. These are three very different albums.

As its title already suggests, on Voz e Violão, Celso took the opportunity to climb the stage all alone, he and his acoustic guitar. With an emphasis on the Bossa Nova, Celso Fonseca treats us with some of his favourite songs. The music isn’t limited to a Brazilian origin; there are a few international classics as well. Celso chose to use an electronic programmed accompaniment. It proved to be a wonderful choice, especially because it was Walter Costa who was let in charge of the programming. He did an outstanding job. With a solid reputation as sound mixer Walter Costa knows exactly how a song can benefit from sounds. When used like this, electronics are a delight; it gives the album a lovely twist. Celso FonsecaCelso Fonseca has a warm voice that fits his musical ideas in a perfect way. About his skills as guitarist one doesn’t have to worry either. In short: with the repertoire, the voice, the guitar and the additional accompaniment, all ingredients were in optimal form present to guarantee a delightful set of music.

The song list benefits from a nice variety. The classic from the American Songbook (“The More I See You”) gets a special Fonseca Bossa Nova treatment. Lennon and McCartney’s “Fool on the Hill” brings back memories about Rita Lee’s famous Em Boss’n Roll album, way back in 1991. Rita Lee is represented with a wonderful rendition of “Caso Sério.” Maybe the highlight of the album is “Olha.” This song shows how delicate Walter Costa chose the sounds he used. It’s perfect! The music features many (Brazilian) pop classics alternated with a few great standards. The album closes with two of Fonseca’s own songs. It’s like providing the album with his trademark.

Voz e Violão shows that Celso Fonseca is a musician who enjoys what he’s doing. Unpretentious and with a big musical heart he makes sure that his fans aren’t disappointed. Even better, with music like this, I’m sure his music finds more followers.

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Celso Fonseca
Voz e Violão
RWR Universal Music RWR078 (2009)
Time: 52’37”


  1. Tempo Rei (Gilberto Gil)
  2. Mais um na Multidão (Erasmo Carlos – Carlinhos Brown – Marisa Monte)
  3. Caso Sério (Roberto de Carvalho – Rita Lee)
  4. Beleza Rara (Edimilson Teles de Souza)
  5. Quando Te Vi (Ronaldo Bastos – Meredith Willson)
  6. The Fool on the Hill (John Lennon – Paul McCartney)
  7. Olha (Erasmo Carlos – Roberto Carlos)
  8. Tudo Bem (Lulu Santos)
  9. Ela É Carioca (Antônio Carlos Jobim – Vinícius de Moraes)
  10. Conquista (Bochecha)
  11. The More I See You (Mack Gordon – Harry Warren)
  12. Adeus Batucada (Synval Silva)
  13. Febre (Celso Fonseca)
  14. Slow Motion Bossa Nova (Celso Fonseca – Ronaldo Bastos)