Aug 11 2012

Celso Fonseca: No Meu Filme

Sunny Images of Rio


No Meu FilmeOn his 15th solo album, guitarist/singer/composer Celso Fonseca entertains his faithful audience again with wonderful bossa nova based music. The combination of his soft, friendly voice matches perfectly with the warm sound of his guitar.

On No Meu Filme Celso looked for nostalgic inspiration in the pop music he grew up with, back in the 1970ies and 1980ies. Celso Fonseca managed to let the music breathe the happy and cozy atmosphere of that time. Listening to the cd makes you feel comfortable right away.
There’s a certain recognition, especially for the ones who were lucky enough to visit Rio de Janeiro sometime in their lives. Somehow the music recalls the beautiful images of the Marvelous City! It must be the soft bossa air.

In a nice way one can also hear a little West Coast Jazz influence in the arrangements. Something that fuels the sunny character of the music even more. The string arrangements (Eduardo Souto Neto) sound nice and functional. On the other hand, sometimes the horn arrangements (Serginho Trombone) are a bit too emphatically present. Although they add a funky touch to the music, they also disturb the quiet balance between the voice and music a bit.

The highlights on the album are the lovely ballad “Linda,” the beautiful “Ficar” and the funkier “Agora Dancei” and “Maio e Junho.” It’s also good to hear Celso play the guitar again, both acoustic and electric. His soloing is to the point and in his accompanying chords, one can hear the unmistakenly quality of the gifted guitarist. Other musicians on the album are (among others) Jorjão Barreto (keyboards), Jamil Joanes and Fábio Lessa (bass), Flavio Santos (drums) and Cassio Duarte (percussion).

Celso Fonseca

With this album one can’t go wrong. It’s a pleasure to listen to and it’s the perfect accompaniment for a caipirinha on a nice warm summer evening.

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Celso Fonseca
No Meu Filme 
Universal Music MP,B 60252785364 (2012)
Time: 52’30”


All tracks by Celso Fonseca, except where noted.

  1. Alegria de Viver
  2. Índigo
  3. No Meu Filme
  4. Agora Dancei (Celso Fonseca – Ronaldo Bastos)
  5. Linda (Celso Fonseca – Ronaldo Bastos)
  6. Maio e Junho (Celso Fonseca – Ronaldo Bastos)
  7. Enquanto Espero Você Chegar
  8. Nós Dois Somos Tudo
  9. Depois de Você
  10. Só Guarde o Que é Bom
  11. Ficar
  12. Ninho Vazio