Aug 28 2013

Cau Karam & À Deriva: De Senhores, Baronesas, Botos, Urubus, Cabritos e Ovelhas

A Delightful Collaboration


De Senhores, Baronesas, Botos, etc.On De Senhores, Baronesas, Botos, Urubus, Cabritos e Ovelhas, the creativity of À Deriva continues to be the main feature. This time they opted for a collaboration with guitarist Cau Karam to expand their creative horizon.

Guitarist, composer Cau Karam (1962, Pelotas; Rio Grande do Sul) started as autodidact on the acoustic guitar and cavaquinho. Later on he studied the instruments  in São Paulo at the Universidade Livre de Música “Tom Jobim.” Soon Cau followed his own route and focused on the acoustic guitar and the 10-string acoustic guitar. His first album Sambas, Choros, Valsas e um Frevo was released in 2004 and earned him some serious awards. On a promotional tour of that album, in 2007, Cau appealed to the talents of À Deriva to join him on for the release-concerts of his album. That collaboration got a sequel now on this new release.

As we may expect from À Deriva, the music is recorded in a relatively free form with respect for Brazilian and jazz traditions. It’s all about the interaction of the musicians. The suite “Suíte Zooilógica,” which opens the album, immediately shows that Cau Karam perfectly fits in. The suite is an interesting game of chords. The instrumentalists juggle with harmonies and rhythms in a playful way. It’s fun to listen to. The album features various aspects of the Brazilian music culture that are brought with a respectful sense of humor. One of the highlights comes on a somewhat majestic “Cadeau” that circles around the accordion of Daniel Muller, searching along the lower keys of the instrument. The four musicians of À Deriva don’t stop to impress. Rui Barossi (bass), Beto Sporleder (saxes and flute), Guilherme Marques (drums, percussion) and Daniel Muller (piano and accordion) are models of good taste, joined with pure craftsmanship. The same can be said about Cau Karam (acoustic guitar, 10-string acoustic guitar), the right person at the right place!

Cau Karam & À Deriva

Beautifully recorded, De Senhores, Baronesas, Botos, Urubus, Cabritos e Ovelhas offers a lot to listen to, a lot to explore and above all beautiful music, pleasant to follow on a quiet evening.

You can visit the quintet at a special page of À Deriva’s website, Enjoy the following video, “Bom Cabrito Não Berra.”




Cau Karam & À Deriva
De Senhores, Baronesas, Botos, Urubus, Cabritos e Ovelhas
Independent ADVA0010 (2013)
Time: 61’02”


  1. Suíte Zooilógica (Cau Karam)
    I. Passarinho que Acompanha Morcego Acorda de Cabeça Pra Baixo
    II. Pajaraco Barato
    III. Os Botos da Praia do Cassino não São Cor-de-Rosa
    IV. Pulando Feito Tainha
  2. Cadeau (Rui Barossi)
  3. O Tímido e (é) o Narcisista (Cau Karam)
  4. No Areal da Baronesa (Cau Karam)
  5. Sr. Moreira (Guilherme Marques)
  6. O Hábito Estraga “Um Monte” (Cau Karam)
  7. Nem o Freud, nem o Roberto Carlos (Cau Karam)
  8. Ponto e Vírgula (Rui Barossi) / Bloco do Seu Silva (Beto Sporleder)
  9. Bom Cabrito Não Berra (Cau Karam)
  10. Moorit Yow (Rui Barossi)