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Jul 11 2012

Brazilian Trio

Comprised of Helio Alves (piano), Duduka da Fonseca (drums, percussion) and Nilson Matta (bass), the Brazilian Trio is carrying on the tradition of the piano-bass-drum trios with impeccable productions. This group’s discography is available in Spotify. You can subscribe to that playlist below.     Official web site: Brazilian Trio   Forests (2008) Constelação (2012)  

Mar 01 2012

Leonel Laterza

A Minas Gerais native and now Brasília resident, Leonel Laterza has one of those gorgeous voices that could read a phone book and still please your senses. His albums show an incredible taste in production and superb performances. Official web site: Leonel Laterza   Esmeraldas (2006) Guardados (2011)

Mar 16 2011

Conrado Paulino

Educator, guitarist, composer, arranger Conrado Paulino has performed with the best in Brazilian music, including Rosa Passos, Johnny Alf, Sueli Costa, Zimbo Trio, Paulinho Nogueira, Roberto Menescal, and Alaíde Costa among dozen others. Official web site: Conrado Paulino   Quarteto (2007) Wrong Way (2010) Quatro Climas (2016)  

Jan 11 2008

Zéli Silva

Whether performing with the group Terra Brasil or accompanying Rosa Passos, Leni Andrade, Chico Pinheiro, Simone Guimarães and others, Zéli Silva is quickly becoming well known as a classy bassist. Official web site: Zéli Silva   Voando Baixo (2002) Em Movimento (2006)

Sep 07 2007

Fernanda Cunha

Daughter of singer Telma Costa and niece of songwriters Sueli Costa and Lisieux Costa, Fernanda Cunha carries music in her veins. Her voice quality is charming and captivating in her classy performances of Brazilian music. She began her musical career in 1997 in Rio de Janeiro. Official web site: Fernanda Cunha   O Tempo e …

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Apr 11 2007

Rick Udler

Rick Udler

Chilean-born acoustic guitarist Rick Udler makes his residence in Brazil since the 1980′s. He blends the best of Brazilian genres — samba, bossa nova, choro — in his original compositions. Official web site: Rick Udler   Rhythm & Romance (1996) Papaya (2006)

Apr 07 2007


A truly sensitive voice, Ceumar has been captivating the Brazilian and World music scene with each release and concert of hers. She is an excellent singer with an impeccable taste for simplicity and excellent quality. Born in Minas Gerais, Ceumar has been living in Amsterdam since 2009. MySpace web site: Ceumar   Dindinha (1999) Sempre …

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Aug 30 2006

À Deriva

À Deriva is a São Paulo jazz quartet that showcases its original compositions with strong musicality and good doses of improvisation. The quartet is formed by Rui Barossi (bass), Daniel Müller (piano, accordion), Guilherme Marques (drums, percussion) and Beto Sporleder (saxophones and flutes). This group’s discography is available in Spotify. You can subscribe to that playlist …

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Apr 09 2006


This group is based in Japan, but the music is all Brazilian and with strong influences from Minas Gerais and a solid dose of Brazilian jazz. You can visit Silvio Anastacio to learn more about Minaswing.   Beautiful Horizon (2003) Mineral (2005)

Nov 11 2005

Quarteto Maogani

Four accomplished guitarists – Paulo Aragão, Marcos Alves, Marcus Tardelli, Carlos Chaves – are responsible for the sublime music we hear in Quarteto Maogani’s recordings. Formed in 1995, the group has performed with Leila Pinheiro, Guinga and Zé Nogueira, among others, and has received critical acclaim. Official web site: Quarteto Maogani   Maogani – Quarteto de Violão …

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