Mar 11 2003

Various: Casa de Samba 4

Young and Old in Samba Unity


Casa de Samba 4One of the characteristics of Brazilian music is that most musicians show appropriate respect to the other’s music. And there’s always a certain degree of respect for the older generation of musicians. The series Casa de Samba is an excellent example of that recognition. The old rods are joined by a younger generation to perform classic sambas. So far there are four editions in the series, with a fifth on its way. Recorded live in Rio de Janeiro, Casa de Samba 4 was released in 2000.

In the opening track Caetano Veloso joins forces with monument Roberto Silva. Although you can’t call Caetano a young lion at 58, he is of a younger generation than Roberto Silva, who had reached the age of 80 at the time of recording… The samba “Juracy” sounds wonderful and makes you curious for the other 14 duets on this episode of Casa de Samba. High expectations are justified more than once. Like a delicious and lazy samba “Loucuras de Uma Paixão,” performed by Jorge Aragão and a respectful Ivete Sangalo. Jorge Aragão does his own thing and Ivete sounds happy joining him in that. Ex-Mangueira composer Leci Brandão (55) gives her best on the lovely “Tudo Menos Amor” together with Péricles, singer in the samba-soul group Exaltasamba. “No Pagode do Vavá” sounds catching in this rendition performed by an enthusiast Waguinho (Os Morenos) and Velha Guarda da Portela. Samba at its best. “Você Passa, Eu Acho Graça” is a sad highlight, hearing the late Cássia Eller together with 72 year old Noite Ilustrada, the great sambista from the Portela samba school. This piece of music is so touching, so beautiful. Cássia Eller never hid her love for samba. Like the perfectly sung “Vá Morar Com o Diabo” on her Acústico cd. On this rendition of “Você Passa” she and Noite Illustrada sound odd but good together, showing the fun they experienced during the performance. It’s also fun to hear Arlindo Cruz and Sombrinha from Fundo de Quintal together with Martinália (known from her participations with Martinho da Vila) on the happy samba “Falange do Erê.” Leila Pinheiro takes it easy with Martinho da Vila in “Todos os Sentidos.” Halfway the song she introduces da Vila as “Mestre Martinho,” who joins in like a true master. He makes his own composed song sound like the monument that it actually is. “Kid Cavaquinho” is performed by its composer João Bosco and a kid cavaquinho Dudu Nobre. Dudu Nobre got his first cavaquinho at age 5 and was brought up with samba. Although the idea to sing “Kid Cavaquinho” is funny, the song sounds a bit odd among all the sambas. Another good surprise is the duo Bebeto and Marcia Freire. Bebeto sings the opening verse of “O Meu Amor Chorou” after which Marcia Freire sings in an even more staccato way. Marcia Freire is from Bahia and mainly known for her work in the group “Banda Cheiro de Amor,” where she was lead vocalist between 1986 and 1996. Very traditional sounds “Falso Amor Sincero” with the great Walter Alfaiate (70) and Dorina. Alfaiate has a firm name in the samba tradition of Botafogo. Next surprise is the pairing of Paula Toller (Kid Abelha) with Dona Ivone Lara on “Nasci Pra Sonhar e Cantar.” It’s cute to hear how Paula Toller adjusts her key to 72-year-old Dona Ivone Lara’s. She has to sing the lowest notes in her key and sounds relieved like a released bird when she can climb up the scale to her usual pitch. Again Paula Toller proves she should dig into this repertoire more often, because her voice sounds so good here. Like she’s underestimating herself. Dona Ivone Lara clearly enjoys the duet, as she’s always open minded to younger singers. The finishing touch is reserved for sambista Dicró (Baixada Fluminense) having musical fun with Beto Jamaica (ex É o Tchan). “Praia de Ramos ” is a good way to end another hour of uncomplicated samba fun.



Casa de Samba 4
Universal 73145483662 (2000)
Time: 52’43”


  1. Juracy (Antônio Almeida – Cyro de Souza) – performed by Roberto Silva and Caetano Veloso
  2. Judia de Mim (Wilson Moreira – Zeca Pagodinho) – performed by Zeca Pagodinho and Sandra de Sá
  3. Loucuras de Uma Paixão (Mauro Diniz – Ratinho) – performed by Jorge Aragão and Ivete Sangalo
  4. Tudo Menos Amor (Walter Rosa – Monarco) – performed by Leci Brandão and Péricles
  5. Saudosa Mangueira (Herivelto Martins) – performed by Velha Guarda da Mangueira and Alcione
  6. 1800 Colinas (Gracia do Salgueiro) – performed by Beth Carvalho and Zélia Duncan
  7. No Pagode do Vavá (Paulinho da Viola) – performed by Velha Guarda da Portela and Waguinho
  8. Você Passa, Eu Acho Graça (Carlos Imperial – Ataulfo Alves) – performed by Noite Ilustrada and Cássia Eller
  9. Falange do Erê (Jorge Carioca – Arlindo Cruz – Aluísio Machado) – performed by Arlindo Cruz & Sombrinha and Mart’nália
  10. Todos os Sentidos (Martinho da Vila) – performed by Martinho da Vila and Leila Pinheiro
  11. Kid Cavaquinho (Aldir Blanc – João Bosco) – performed by João Bosco and Dudu Nobre
  12. O Meu Amor Chorou (Luiz Marçal Neto) – performed by Bebeto and Marcia Freire
  13. Falso Amor Sincero (Nelson Sargento) – performed by Walter Alfaiate and Dorina
  14. Nasci Para Sonhar e Cantar (D. Ivone Lara – Délcio Carvalho) – performed by Dona Ivone Lara and Paula Toller
  15. Praia de Ramos (Ivany Miranda – Oswaldo Melo) – performed by Dicro and Beto Jamaica