Aug 08 2016

Baby do Brasil: Baby Sucessos – A Menina Ainda Dança

Back again

Baby SucessosLast time we heard about Bernadete Dinorah de Carvalho Cidade, better known as Baby Consuelo or Baby do Brasil, must have been in 1998 with that fantastic album Acústico (with guitarist Nelson Faria, the late great bassist Nico Assumpção and drummer Lincoln Cheib). After that, Baby do Brasil (1952; Niterói, RJ) decided to completely devote her life to The Lord… Influenced by her daughter Sarah Sheeva, Baby became evangelical at the Igreja Ministério do Espírito Santo de Deus. The end of a turbulent musical career? A career that was highlighted by her presence in the legendary rock band Novos Baianos (1969 – 1978). The great voice of Baby was missed. She recorded a few Gospel albums until her son, guitarist Pedro Baby saw the light as well: he persuaded his mom to go on stage again with the music her fans missed so much. Of course she had to ask permission to the Lord, as she explains to the audience. He gave her the freedom! Pedro Baby grabbed the opportunity with both hands and put together an amazing band, great arrangements and a solid repertoire with Baby’s greatest hits.

Dressed up in her own eccentric way Baby de Brasil was back on stage with a show that’s nothing short of spectacular and with great craftsmanship. She’s a fantastic singer. After heating up the crowd with hits like “Seus Olhos, , “Telúrica” and a beautiful version of “Sem Pecado sem Juízo,” she comes up with an amazing rendition of “Um Auê com Você.” It’s followed by an emotional performance of “Minha Oração” that reaches absolute perfection. What a tasteful arrangement! How smart to combine the trombone with the flugelhorn instead of trumpet (Maico Lopes). It results in a beautiful and warm jazzy sound in the background. Watched by Caetano Veloso at the corner of the stage, Baby sings with clear emotion and inspires her son Pedro to a razor sharp guitar solo that flows over in an even more amazing muted trombone solo by the fantastic Carlos Darci! After this tour de force, Caetano Veloso walks on stage to join Baby with the song he wrote for her in 1979, “Menino do Rio.” With her characteristic scat vocals Baby ends the song with a climax to Caetano’s name. A quiet moment follows when Baby and Caetano both perform “Acabou Chorare” accompanied by guitar only (Pedro Baby). Then it’s party time again with a few more, crowd pleasing hits.

Baby musicians

The band is in great shape. Apart from the earlier mentioned Carlos Darci (trombone), Maico Lopes (trumpet, flugelhorn) and of course Pedro Baby (guitar, vocals), the rest of the band deserves special mention as well. Ricardo Guerra and Antônio China are the attentive percussionists, Renato Brasa is the steady and driving force behind the drums. On bass is no-nonsense musician Betão Aguiar, almost invisible doing his great job. And Pedro Milman is on keys, featured with a nice solo in a fiery rendition of the up-tempo song “Tinindo Trincando.” In this song Baby also shows her inimitable vocals when she sings the song to an amazing climax. The also wonderful rendition of ”Planeta Vênus” features nice soloing on bass, trumpet, trombone and guitar.

It’s good to hear this exceptional singer again with a great band and recorded live at the Imperator (Centro Cultural João Nogueira) in Rio, January 2014. The CD comes with a DVD, or is it the other way around? The DVD has three more songs. Baby Consuelo is back! Enjoy!



Baby do Brasil
Baby Sucessos – A Menina Ainda Dança
Coqueiro Verde CV20445 (2014)
Time: 78’53” (CD)



  1. Seus Olhos (Baby Consuelo – Jorginho Gomes)
  2. Telúrica (Baby Consuelo – Jorginho Gomes)
  3. Tinindo Trincando (Moraes Moreira – Galvão)
  4. Sem Pecado e Sem Juízo (Baby Consuelo – Pepeu Gomes)
  5. Planeta Vênus (Pepeu Gomes – Baby Consuelo – Riroca Gomes)
  6. Lá Vem o Brasil Descendo a Ladeira (Moraes Moreira – Pepeu Gomes)
  7. Um Auê com Você (Baby Consuelo)
  8. Minha Oração (Baby Consuelo – Oswaldinho do Acordeon – Pepeu Gomes)
  9. Menino do Rio (Caetano Veloso)
  10. Acabou Chorare (Moraes Moreira – Galvão)
  11. Cósmica (Baby Consuelo)
  12. Todo Dia Era Dia de Índio (Jorge Ben)
  13. A Menina Dança ((Moraes Moreira – Galvão)
    Only on Dvd:
  14. Mistério do Planeta (Moraes Moreira – Galvão)
  15. Masculino e Feminino (Pepeu Gomes – Baby Consuelo – Didi Gomes)
  16. Barrados na Disneylândia (Pepeu Gomes – Baby Consuelo – Riroca Gomes)