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Mar 01 2011

Liduíno Pitombeira: An Interview

Liduíno Pitombeira

An Interview with Liduíno Pitombeira   Brazilian composer Liduíno Pitombeira is a regular presence at the biannual festivals of contemporary music in Rio and has an extensive oeuvre to his credit, including numerous works featuring the flute. Unlike many Brazilian composers, he studied and taught in the USA. This interview was done by email in Spring …

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Jan 09 2011

Sergio Roberto de Oliveira: 2010 Interview

An Interview with Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira   Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira has seventy-five works in his catalogue. The interview that follows is the fifth in a series that began ten years ago. We talked in Portuguese at his recording studio in Rio de Janeiro on August 25, 2010, prior to the composer’s 40th birthday.   …

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Oct 23 2010

Edson Zampronha: An Interview

Edson Zampronha

An Interview with Edson Zampronha   Brazilian composer Edson Zampronha, from a musical Italian family that emigrated to Brazil in the early twentieth century, is presently active in Spain, after studies in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. His earliest training was with his mother, Maria de Lourdes Sekeff, an important concert pianist and teacher. …

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May 09 2010

Sergio Roberto de Oliveira: 2009 Interview

Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira: An Interview             Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira, who will celebrate his fortieth birthday this year, is one of the leading composers on the contemporary Brazilian scene. We spoke in person, in Portuguese, while Oliveira was visiting composer-in-residence at Duke University, April 29, 2009.         …

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Apr 05 2009

Alexandre Eisenberg: An Interview

Vera Vianna & Alexandre Eisenberg

An Interview with Alexandre Eisenberg   Composer Alexandre Eisenberg is a native of Rio de Janeiro, and studied composition there and in the United States at Indiana University. His works have been featured at the biannual festivals of contemporary music in Rio de Janeiro, and performed throughout Brazil, the US, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and …

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Jan 23 2008

Dimitri Cervo: An Interview

Dimitri Cervo

An Interview with Dimitri Cervo   October 25, 2007 Sala Cecília Meireles • Rio de Janeiro   I met the young gaucho composer Dimitri Cervo at the 2003 Bienal of Contemporary Music, where his works for solo flute and strings, Pattapiana [named for Pattápio Silva, a great Brazilian flutist who died tragically young at the …

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Dec 23 2007

Frederick Carrilho: An Interview

An Interview with Frederick Carrilho     October 24, 2007 Botafogo Rio de Janeiro       Composer Frederick Carrilho was born in 1971 in the state of São Paulo, and has studied guitar and composition, most recently at UNICAMP in Campinas. His music has been heard at the recent biennial festivals of contemporary music in …

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Dec 07 2007

Nikolai Brucher: An Interview

An Interview with Nikolai Brucher   Nikolai Brucher (b. 1979) is a young Carioca at the start of a career in music. In 2005 his work for orchestra, Tri Kartina (Three Pictures) won first prize in the first Cláudio Santoro Competition, held under the auspices of the Brazilian Academy of Music. His music was heard at …

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Dec 06 2007

Marisa Rezende: An Interview

An Interview with Marisa Rezende         October 23, 2007 Sala Cecília Meireles Rio de Janeiro   Composer Marisa Rezende, born and raised in Rio, is a fundamental presence in the musical life of the city, not only for her compositions, but as perhaps the most important teacher of the next generation. We spoke …

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Oct 31 2007

Jose Orlando Alves: An Interview

José Orlando Alves

An Interview with José Orlando Alves   José Orlando Alves is a young composer, originally from Minas Gerais, but who spent many years in Rio de Janeiro, where he has been active for a decade with the composers’ collaborative, Prelúdio XXI. His work, “Insinuâncias,” was heard at the 2007 Bienal of Brazilian Contemporary Music in Rio …

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