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Sep 23 2002

Elba Ramalho: Leão do Norte

Leão do Norte

A Superlative Album!   Brazilian northeastern music has been a well-kept secret for many years. Sometimes ostracized, neglected or called music for maids and taxi drivers (that was actually used as a subtitle for a CD a few years back), forró is now enjoying its well-deserved place in the vast Brazilian musical panorama. Besides world-renowned …

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Sep 15 2002

The Paulo Moura & Cliff Korman Duo: Mood Ingênuo – Pixinguinha Meets Duke Ellington

Mood Ingênuo

 What If Pixinguinha Met Duke Ellington?   In the same way that the names of João Gilberto and Tom Jobim made an indelible mark on Bossa Nova, or Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil were two of the forces behind Tropicália, before them, Alfredo da Rocha Viana, Jr., better known as Pixinguinha, made his mark on …

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Dec 12 2001

Simone: Seda Pura

Pop and New   A pop album and full of brand new songs, Seda Pura was supposed to take Simone into new directions. One can’t blame her for trying. I confess that when I first listened to the album, I was not very impressed. Though the collective arrangements by all musicians and Guto Graça Mello are fine, …

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Jan 16 2001

Teresa Ines: Live in Boston

A Nice Debut   Born in Rio de Janeiro and transplanted to Boston via the Berklee College of Music, Teresa Ines has been performing professionally since 1994.  This live album showcases the many moods and styles in Ines’ voice.  Like many other albums recorded live, this release captures Ines without any tricks.  Whatever imperfections there …

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Nov 24 1996

Gonzaguinha: No Samba

No Samba

Optimism in Sambas   In 1991, Brazilian Popular Music (Música Popular Brasileira, MPB) suffered a tremendous loss when Gonzaguinha (September 1945 – April 1991) died in a car accident. One of the most respected songwriters in Brazil, Gonzaguinha left behind a legacy of songs dealing with love, life and, most importantly, the struggle of the …

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