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Aug 09 2009

Zélia Duncan: Pelo Sabor do Gesto

Continuing Her Journey   The career of singer Zélia Duncan (1964, Niterói) is like a long journey which started somewhere in the early 1980s. Once in a while Zélia goes on a side trip to do some sightseeing. She went out to do a little samba and choro (Eu Me Transformo em Outras, 2004), she …

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Apr 12 2009

Simone & Zélia Duncan: Amigo É Casa – Ao Vivo

Extraordinary Women   Caetano Veloso’s “Gatas Extraordinárias” song captures the essence of Simone and Zélia Duncan’s live recording Amigo É Casa very well. The two performers have had a solid career with their individual albums. With this 2008 CD and DVD, they reach a new level of artistry. As expected, Amigo É Casa parades some …

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Jun 16 2007

Zé Ramalho: Parceria dos Viajantes

Honest Musicianship   When a new album from Zé Ramalho comes out, one kind of knows what to expect. His characteristic voice and music has become a very recognizable trademark. On this new cd it’s remarkable to hear how easy other vocalists with completely different backgrounds fit into Zé Ramalho’s unique style. Parceria dos Viajantes …

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May 07 2007

Mutantes: Ao Vivo

A Nostalgic Trip   One of Brazil’s most controversial bands ever must have been Os Mutantes. There were protest marches against their music back in the early 70s. They were accused of being a serious danger for the existence of Brazilian music. What happened? When Arnaldo (1948) and Sérgio (1951) Dias Baptista heard the Beatles …

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Sep 09 2005

Zélia Duncan: Pré-Pós-Tudo-Bossa-Band

Impressive Progression   It took a while before the large audience appreciated the exceptional talent of Zélia Cristina Duncan Gonçalves Moreira. Zélia’s career was built up slowly, partly because the singer/lyricist/composer from Niterói  (1964) is not the person to search for commercial success. The wonderful cd Sortimento (followed by Sortimento Vivo) was the definite breakthrough. …

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May 04 2004

Marcela Biasi: Arrastando Maravilhas

Arrastando Maravilhas

A Splendid Debut   It seems everything is just happening to Marcela Biasi, composer, vocalist and guitarist. She’s always at the right place at the right time. Born in Niterói, RJ, Marcela Biasi (1981) enjoyed and absorbed the rich musical environment. Away from glamorous Rio (Niterói is on the other side of the Guanabara bay), …

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May 09 2003

Zélia Duncan: Sortimento Vivo

An Anniversary Celebration   In these years of promoting the DVD’s, it’s inevitable that most artists have their most recent concert recorded. For the release on both CD and DVD, Zélia Duncan is no exception. A nice excuse is the coincidence of Zélia’s 20th anniversary of being on the road. Zélia Duncan didn’t “just” reach …

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Mar 11 2003

Various: Casa de Samba 4

Casa de Samba 4

Young and Old in Samba Unity   One of the characteristics of Brazilian music is that most musicians show appropriate respect to the other’s music. And there’s always a certain degree of respect for the older generation of musicians. The series Casa de Samba is an excellent example of that recognition. The old rods are …

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