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Aug 16 2007

Zeca Baleiro: Lado Z

A Decade of Participations   Ten years ago, in 1997 Zeca Baleiro was introduced to the Brazilian audience by Gal Costa on her successful album Acústico MTV. That same year Zeca released his first solo album Por Onde Andará Stephen Fry. The singer/composer from Maranhão (1966) decided to celebrate his 10-year career the same way …

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Sep 16 2005

Zeca Baleiro: Baladas do Asfalto & Outros Blues

Rock Ballads and Pop Songs   Zeca Baleiro or, as it would be in English, Zeca the Confectioner, does honour his name. During his musical career, which started in 1997 with his debut album Por Onde Andará Stephen Fry?, Zeca hands out his own musical candies like he used to do in another life. That …

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Jul 14 2004


An Introduction Like No Other   Whether you are already familiar with Brazilian music or this is your first time listening to this fascinating and rhythmic genre of World Music, Brasileiro will most definitely appeal to your taste. Compiling a multi-artist release can be a difficult task, especially when there are already several other compilations in the …

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Jul 11 2004

Various: Casa do Forró

Let the Party Begin!   With a country as vast as Brazil, it is no wonder that some musical genres do not get as much air play as others. Take, for example, samba and bossa nova. Just about everyone in all corners of the world has experienced those infectious rhythms. Who has never heard the …

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