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Jun 18 2016

Brasil Sinfônico

Paulinho da Viola

Brasil Sinfônico It was an evening of magic, in that beautiful concert hall De Doelen in Rotterdam, Holland. For this special occasion, the graceful Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by Manuel López-Gómez (1983, Caracas, Venezuela). His name is known all around the world also because of his inspiring knowledge of the Latin music tradition. He …

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Nov 12 2013

Mario Adnet: Um Olhar Sobre Villa-Lobos

Um Olhar Sobre Villa-Lobos

The Birth of Brazilian Contemporary Music   Composer, maestro and cellist Heitor Villa-Lobos (Rio de Janeiro, 1887-1959) is internationally known as Brazil’s most important composer. Ethnomusicologist Gerard Béhague described Villa-Lobos as “the single most significant creative figure in 20th-century Brazilian art music.” He was a contemporary of other stellar Brazilian artists, including Eduardo das Neves, Ernesto Nazareth, …

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Oct 15 2012

Adventure Music: 10 Years

Adventure Music: 10 Years

Ten Shining Years It is hard to imagine how fast time has flown. I was totally off guard when I realized that Adventure Music is celebrating ten years of great music. Some record labels make a name by focusing on one particular genre. For example, who can forget Windham Hill and the music genre it helped create? More particular …

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Sep 30 2011

Hamilton de Holanda & Yamandú Costa: Live!


It’s commonly known that Hamilton de Holanda and Yamandú Costa are two exceptionally skilled instrumentalists. Hamilton de Holanda on his 10-string mandolin and Yamandú Costa on his 7-string acoustic guitar. They both combine a dazzling technique with a passion for Brazilian traditional music.

Jan 08 2010

Roberta Sá: Pra Se Ter Alegria – Ao Vivo no Rio

On the Road to Confirmation   Singer Roberta Sá (Natal, Rio Grande do Norte; 1980) seems to be on her way to settle her name between the ones of Brazil’s favourite performers. Driven by the success of her first two most enjoyable albums (Que Belo Estranho Dia Pra Se Ter Alegria (2007) and Braseiro (2004), …

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Jul 16 2007

Yamandú Costa & Dominguinhos: Yamandú + Dominguinhos

When Two Virtuosos Meet   Sometimes it doesn’t take much to produce a fantastic album. Just lock up two outstanding musicians for five days in a recording studio and let things happen. That’s what producer José Milton must have thought when he invited accordionist Dominguinhos and guitarist Yamandú Costa to do an album together. The …

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Jun 14 2007

Trio Madeira Brasil: The Sound Of Rio – Brasileirinho

  Brazil’s Heart and Soul   Though for many people Samba and Bossa Nova are the most recognizable Brazilian music form, nothing is more Brazilian than Choro. It accurately embodies a nation’s heart and soul. Historian and music expert Ricardo Cravo Albin dates the beginning of choro in Brazil to 1808, with the arrival of …

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Mar 16 2004

Various Artists: comPasso Samba & Choro

1º comPasso Samba & Choro

Good Samba & Choro Samplers   One of the most frequent questions I hear when people are trying to buy their first Brazilian CD is what album I would recommend for someone not yet very familiar with Brazilian music. Choosing one album to best represent the wide range of Brazilian musical styles is a difficult …

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Dec 16 2002

Yamandú Costa: Yamandú


A Prodigy     It’s not an exaggeration to call Yamandú Costa a prodigy on the guitar. Born in Rio Grande do Sul in 1980, this shy young guitarist has the technique that reminds of Paco de Lucia, the great flamenco guitarist from Spain. Yamandú plays the “violão de 7 cordas” since he was seven …

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