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Aug 31 2014

Harvey Wainapel: Amigos Brasileiros Vol. 2

Amigos Brasileiros Vol. 2

Good Friends in All the Right Places! Following his successful 2007 Amigos Brasileiros, Harvey Wainapel (saxophonist and clarinetist) revisits that idea with a great twist. Whereas in that CD he was surrounded by musician primarily from the southeast of Brazil (mainly the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo area), this time Wainapel travels northeast to delve into the rich …

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Nov 08 2012

Weber Iago: Piano Masters Series, Vol. 3

Piano Masters

An Impressive Recital     After Benjamim Taubkin (in 2010) and Philippe Baden Powell (also this year), Adventure Music invited pianist/composer Weber Iago for the third release in the series Piano Masters. Again an interesting choice since the pianist built up a solid reputation as an improviser. He recorded the album live in the studio with four tracks that were improvised on the spot. …

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Nov 16 2004

Weber Iago: Os Filhos do Vento

Featuring Keith Underwood, Paul McCandless, Rogério Botter Maio, Derek Jones and Caíto Marcondes   Pianist and composer Weber Iago (Rio de Janeiro, 1962) started his musical education at age seven. When it was time to attend college, he chose the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he further developed his compositional skills. It was …

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