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Jun 14 2007

Trio Madeira Brasil: The Sound Of Rio – Brasileirinho

  Brazil’s Heart and Soul   Though for many people Samba and Bossa Nova are the most recognizable Brazilian music form, nothing is more Brazilian than Choro. It accurately embodies a nation’s heart and soul. Historian and music expert Ricardo Cravo Albin dates the beginning of choro in Brazil to 1808, with the arrival of …

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Dec 16 2005

Teresa Cristina & Grupo Semente: O Mundo É Meu Lugar – Ao Vivo

The Friendliness of the Samba   For quite some people, Teresa Cristina is samba’s hope for the future. The relatively young singer (born in 1968) made an impressive debut for the large audience with the double album A Música de Paulinho da Viola in 2002. Teresa Cristina has a longer history in samba than that …

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Jun 16 2003

Teresa Cristina & Grupo Semente: A Música de Paulinho da Viola

A Música de Paulinho da Viola

 A Gem!   The Samba of Paulinho da Viola is an effective medicine to kill those heartbreaking feelings of saudades. It brings you right back to Rio and its music. One of Paulinho’s secrets is that he never surrendered to any commercial seduction. He is said to have left Portela’s Escola de Samba as a …

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