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Feb 28 2014

Simone: É Melhor Ser

É Melhor Ser

A Female Songwriters’ Celebration! When it was time for Simone to celebrate her career’s 40th anniversary, she had no hesitation to celebrate Brazilian female songwriters. What a wise choice the Cigarra made in picking those songwriters for her 41st solo album, É Melhor Ser. Released in November 2013, produced by Bia Paes Leme and Leandro Braga …

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Dec 12 2010

Simone: Em Boa Companhia

  Something Old, Something New   Since recording her first album back in 1972, Simone’s career has spanned nearly four decades. Even with a few hiccups along the way — who wouldn’t in 40 years? — she has been able to maintain a steady following of faithful fans buying her 40-plus CDs and DVDs. More …

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Dec 03 2010

Um Natal Brasileiro

Um Natal Brasileiro

Um Natal Brasileiro (A Brazilian Christmas)     Here are the songs played in the podcast. Introduction: Poesia e Amor – Cristina Braga Feliz Natal – Clássicos Natalinos em Harpa (Visom VICD 00097, 1997) Natal das Crianças – Simone 25 de Dezembro (Mercury PolyGram M528948 – 2, 1995) Recadinho de Papel Noel – Carmen Miranda Feliz …

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Dec 12 2009

Simone: Na Veia

Romantic Pop   It does not come to me as a surprise that Simone’s follow-up album to Amigo É Casa is another incursion into a pop repertoire. Like other similar releases of the Cigarra, e.g., Seda Pura (2001), Na Veia explores some of the best pop Brazilian songwriters along with traditional samba and MPB composers. …

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Apr 12 2009

Simone & Zélia Duncan: Amigo É Casa – Ao Vivo

Extraordinary Women   Caetano Veloso’s “Gatas Extraordinárias” song captures the essence of Simone and Zélia Duncan’s live recording Amigo É Casa very well. The two performers have had a solid career with their individual albums. With this 2008 CD and DVD, they reach a new level of artistry. As expected, Amigo É Casa parades some …

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Dec 12 2005

Simone: Ao Vivo (2005)

With Thanks to the Special Guests…     A few decades ago, Simone released a live album called Ao Vivo no Canecão (1980). It took years and years before another live cd reached the stores (Brasil, O Show, 1997). But all of a sudden, Simone seems to enjoy the opportunity to record her most recent …

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Nov 13 2005

Simone: “Então Me Diz…”


“Então Me Diz…”   Numa sala de um requintadíssimo hotel de São Paulo, alguns jornalistas foram convidados para uma audição especial do novo CD/DVD de Simone. No final da apresentação a cantora, muito simpática e descontraída, concedeu uma entrevista relacionada ao novo trabalho, seu dia a dia, próximos projetos e a estréia do show em …

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Aug 12 2004

Simone: Baiana Da Gema

Back at Home     Simone is back at EMI Brasil, where most critics agree she had her best years. This album seems to be getting a lot of positive response from the critics. It also seems Simone has already received a Golden Record for this CD, just barely a month after its release. Baiana …

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Feb 12 2004

Simone: Feminino

Seductive   Simone’s 3rd live album has a few surprises, such as the wonderful remake of Nana Caymmi’s hit “Resposta ao Tempo” and the not-so-wonderful cover of “V’Ambora.” Produced by Guto Graça Mello with arrangements by Ricardo Leão, Feminino’s weaknesses are the rock songs Simone re-recorded along with others new to her repertoire. On the …

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Dec 25 2003

Ivan Lins: Um Novo Tempo

Um Novo Tempo

Brazilian-Style Christmas   It still surprises me that in a country with such Christmas traditions as Brazil has, there are not many recordings with holiday music. Even after Simone released her successful 25 de Dezembro in 1995, recording labels did not jump on the bandwagon to flood the market with Brazilian artists singing Christmas music. …

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