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Oct 19 2013

Mario Adnet: Vinícius & Os Maestros – Orquestra e Convidados

Vinícius & Os Maestros

A New Vinícius…   After dedicating albums to the music of Villa-Lobos, Tom Jobim, Baden Powell and Moacir Santos, Mario Adnet decided to showcase the compositions of Vinícius de Moraes with other maestros. In Vinícius & Os Maestros the listener will not find any Jobim songs. Instead, the fifteen tracks in the album cover Vinícius music with …

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Sep 24 2013

André Mehmari: Canteiro


A Bountiful Garden!   Here is one artist who is comfortable in any genre. André Mehmari has recorded with choro mandolin master Hamilton de Holanda (check out their latest collaboration, GismontiPascoal), jazz clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi (the beautiful Miramari) and partnered with vocalist Ná Ozzetti for an inspired piano/voice release (Piano e Voz). Keeping in line with those releases, I feature here Canteiro. …

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Mar 01 2012

Leonel Laterza: Guardados


A Follow-up with Style!   As best performer in the SESC Tom Jobim 2011 Music Award, Leonel Laterza brings his smooth vocals and strong performances once again in a remarkable follow-up album, Guardados. Giving continuation to his excellent debut album, Esmeraldas, Leonel is back with the same quality, integrity and artistic excellence as before. With …

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Feb 09 2010

Sérgio Santos: Litoral e Interior

United Contrasts   After the wonderful Iô Sô (2007), singer, composer, arranger and guitarist Sérgio Santos comes up with an at least as beautiful new project: Litoral e Interior. As the title suggests (Coast and Interior), Sérgio Santos musically switches between the two opposites in Brazil’s topography. As a native from Varginha, in the interior …

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Jan 09 2010

Sérgio Santos: Iô Sô

The African Sound of Minas Gerais   A voice that certainly deserves more international attention is the one of Sérgio Correia dos Santos (1956). Born in Varginha, a city in the southwest of the state Minas Gerais, the singer, guitarist, composer and arranger built up a respectable reputation among both music lovers and critics. His …

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Feb 25 2008

Harvey Wainapel: Amigos Brasileiros

Amigos Brasileiros

In Good Company   When an artist takes time to get involved profoundly with the culture and music of a foreign country, the results can be amazing. Suddenly, the music performed at a live concert or CD bears the same musical quality as if you were in the country of its origin. Harvey Wainapel has …

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Mar 16 2004

Various Artists: comPasso Samba & Choro

1º comPasso Samba & Choro

Good Samba & Choro Samplers   One of the most frequent questions I hear when people are trying to buy their first Brazilian CD is what album I would recommend for someone not yet very familiar with Brazilian music. Choosing one album to best represent the wide range of Brazilian musical styles is a difficult …

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