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Jan 09 2011

Sergio Roberto de Oliveira: 2010 Interview

An Interview with Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira   Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira has seventy-five works in his catalogue. The interview that follows is the fifth in a series that began ten years ago. We talked in Portuguese at his recording studio in Rio de Janeiro on August 25, 2010, prior to the composer’s 40th birthday.   …

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May 09 2010

Sergio Roberto de Oliveira: 2009 Interview

Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira: An Interview             Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira, who will celebrate his fortieth birthday this year, is one of the leading composers on the contemporary Brazilian scene. We spoke in person, in Portuguese, while Oliveira was visiting composer-in-residence at Duke University, April 29, 2009.         …

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Apr 09 2007

Sergio Roberto de Oliveira: 2007 Interview

Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira: An Interview   Photos © 2006 Tom Moore Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira is an active presence in the contemporary music scene of Rio de Janeiro, working with the composers’ collaborative Prelúdio 21 (along with Alexandre Schubert, Caio Senna, Heber Schünemann, Marcos Lucas, Neder Nassaro, and Orlando Alves). In 2006 he celebrated ten …

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Apr 09 2003

Sergio Roberto De Oliveira: 2003 Interview

An Interview with Sergio Roberto de Oliveira   Composer Sergio Roberto de Oliveira is a native of Rio de Janeiro, where he was born on October 24, 1970. He lives in Tijuca, a middle-class neighborhood of the Zona Norte (North Zone), with his wife and daughter, and is presently completing a second master’s degree at …

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