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Feb 07 2013

Rogério Botter Maio Trio: Sobre o Silêncio

Sobre o Silêncio

Alluring Silence     Introducing a new trio formation, Rogério Botter Maio releases his fifth album, Sobre o Silêncio. Featuring nine original compositions Rogério wrote and a new arrangement for the Menescal-Bôscoli quintessential “A Morte de um Deus do Sal,” the album shines for its arrangement and performances that fuse Brazilian traditional genres with jazz. With Rogério commanding …

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Oct 08 2007

Rogério Botter Maio: Prazer Da Espera

The Joy of Waiting   Proving that good things do come to those who wait, Rogério Botter Maio presents us with another fine recording, Prazer da Espera. With special guest appearances by Ná Ozzetti (voice), Nelson Ayres (piano), Nailor de Azevedo “Proveta” (clarinet), Teco Cardoso (sax) and Caito Marcondes (percussion), this release follows very closely …

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Nov 16 2004

Weber Iago: Os Filhos do Vento

Featuring Keith Underwood, Paul McCandless, Rogério Botter Maio, Derek Jones and Caíto Marcondes   Pianist and composer Weber Iago (Rio de Janeiro, 1962) started his musical education at age seven. When it was time to attend college, he chose the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he further developed his compositional skills. It was …

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Aug 08 2003

Rogério Botter Maio: Aprendiz

Passionate Bass   Labeling can be misleading sometimes. When you look at Aprendiz and read the first line in the notes, you are likely to be confused. It says: Aprendiz – aquele que busca o caminho. (Benvinda D’Angelo) [Apprentice – the one who seeks the path.] Further reading the liner notes, one realizes Maio’s intention. …

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