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Sep 08 2005

Pedro Mariano: Pedro Mariano Ao Vivo

Energetic!   I truly do not know how to best describe Pedro Mariano’s music. It is lively, touching and just plain good. His arrangements mix swing, samba, smooth, funk and all that makes any cd a pleasure to listen to. Pedro Mariano ao Vivo is the energetic follow-up to the intimate Piano & Voz from …

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Apr 12 2005

Cesar Camargo Mariano & Pedro Mariano: Piano & Voz

Piano & Voz

  Intimately Entrancing   With a career that has passed the 40-year mark, Cesar Camargo Mariano continues to stay on top of his game. His arranging skills are unique and are permanently set in Brazilian music through singers such as Elis Regina, Simone and just about the best in Brazil and around the world. He …

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Oct 08 2004

Pedro Mariano: Voz no Ouvido

Brazilian Soul   Pedro Mariano’s second solo album is an incredible follow-up to his debut CD of 1997. If you believe the old saying about “like father, like son,” you can imagine what Voz no Ouvido is like. You will not be disappointed with this release. Besides being the son of Cesar Camargo Mariano, one …

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Feb 26 2004

Various: Songbook João Bosco 3

Songbook João Bosco 3

Esmerado Trabalho   Terceiro volume do songbook de João Bosco que ganhei no Natal e só hoje estou terminando de ouvir. Chegou a um ponto que me pegou “na veia” e tenho que repartir. Ou buscar eco, alguém que tenha sentido da mesma forma que eu, desbragadamente. Talvez cause espanto ou incomode essa minha maneira …

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